Our Approach

At Vero, we understand that no two workplaces are the same. Our dedicated team of experts are available to work with you to deliver a premium coffee experience for your business that’s designed around your specific requirements. Our highly experienced team can carry out an onsite consultation that includes a full audit of your existing offer to help you match the right equipment and coffee to your work space. Find more details about workplace coffee solutions for the office, public sector or corporate catering.

Workplace Coffee Machine Options

The correct equipment is crucial to delivering top quality coffee to your employees, we are here to help you at every step of the selection process. We only offer class leading professional coffee equipment from world renowned manufacturers. Our team will help you select the perfect machine to suit your budget that’s reliable, easy to use and cost effective.

Discover Bean-to-Cup coffee machines

Most bean-to-cup machines need to have the main water connection. All our automatic machines provide heated milk. Some of our bean to cup machines also boast an integrated hot chocolate unit. If your budget allows, some of our machines also come with an integrated milk cooler, to keep your milk stored at the cool temperature. High-quality bean-to-cup machines require certain drink volumes to be cost-effective. However, we have carefully selected a range of best bean-to-cup machines in the market to suit different business sizes and budgets.

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Discover Lavazza Blue Capsule System

These cost more per coffee than other types of coffee machines, but among their many benefits you will find they’re simple to operate and require a minimum amount of maintenance. Each pod or capsule contains the perfect amount of coffee, so you can simply buy the type with the strength and flavour you like best. We have a range of affordable pod machines, which is great for very small offices; as well as a large selection of Lavazza Blue capsule machines. The best part: our capsule machines come with built-in water tanks, which grants you the flexibility to place them anywhere.

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Discover Coffee Brewers

If you just want plain and simple coffee to fill a mug, or be able to make enough coffee for several people at once, a filter coffee machine is a great choice. These generally require you to use ground coffee. Some require paper filters. Most of our filter coffee machines come with either a hot plate or thermal flask, which keeps your coffee hot without ruining the taste. The filter coffee is a relevantly cheap option. Our range of filter coffee machines are available in different sizes, so whether you prefer a manual fill or auto fill, we have all options covered.

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