Hydrating your workforce

The hydration landscape has evolved to meet the diverse needs of a busy office requiring hot drinks, herbal teas, hot snacks and chilled, filtered water to satisfy and hydrate the workforce. At Vero, we have been providing businesses around the country with complete hot beverage solutions for many years and have now teamed up with the European leading drinking water solution company COSMETAL. They are known for their great range of Aquality POU water coolers that will keep your workforce hydrated safely and sustainably.

Our drinking water hydration solution is backed by excellent customer service and highly trained engineering that is second to none.


For the office, sustainability, practicality and functionality is our key focus. Our range of Aquality Water Cooler Systems are easy to run and maintain. With the guaranteed optimal balance of cost, performance and functionality, it provides the perfect drinking water solution for offices and public areas.

The Aquality Water Cooler System offers CHILLED and ROOM temperature water, which is instantly drawn from the main water supply. The stainless steel body offers reliability and sturdiness, and is also suitable to be used in environments subject to stringent hygienic requirements.


Water is such a precious resource on this planet that it must be treated responsibly. Each one of us should worry about using and consuming water, that we need to “DRINK RESPONSIBLY“.

To produce a 1.5-litre PET bottle of water, half of its contents are needed. Packaging, bags, bottles, straws, etc., are objects that are useful for a few moments, but which then become waste for centuries. The world produces around 340 million tonnes of plastic every year. Today PET is recycled corresponding to only 1 bottle every 4 consumed. The other 3 bottles are incinerated, buried or dispersed in the environment and between 1% and 3% of the plastic produced each year is discharged into the seas.

Water Evolution

We all need to contribute to the change. We must try to eliminateor at least combat, the waste of disposable bottles, in favour of water supplied in reusable containers.

We need to do our part to trigger a cultural conversion of consumption, to bring water back to its best nature, respected, controlled, without waste and with a common benefit for the final consumer and for the environment. Vero is pleased to play our part in delivering a new way of drinking, treating and supplying water into workplaces in Ireland.

Anti-bacterial UV Barrier

UV rays are proven to break down microorganisms by using specific wavelengths and also affect different types of Coronavirus*.

Our Aquality Water Cooler is supplied with standard UV solutions, which is installed in the dispensing point of the machine to ensure an even higher level of quality and hygiene of the water dispensed.

Together with the water purification system – 3M AP2 water filter, it will ensure that you and your staff are only drinking safe, clear and great-tasting water.

Affordable Plumbed-in Water Cooler Solutions

For an office to be at its best, its employees simply can’t be kept thirsty. The Aquality Water Cooler system is reliable appliances that can provide a cool, refreshing drink for everyone in a building. Water is drawn from the mains into the plumbed water cooler, filtered and chilled before dispensing, providing a constant supply of great-tasting water for all your staff.

Save on the cost of bottled water delivery with a plumbed-in cooler that delivers a constant supply of fresh tasting chilled water on tap, removing the need to order or store bulky bottles, no more administrative headaches, health and safety problems and no risk of running out even in the middle of summer!

We are now offering an affordable rental package to all our customers. The monthly rental includes the Aquality POU Water Cooler and replacement 3M AP2 Water Filter every 6 months, as well as free installation and servicing. There is no initial investment, no hidden cost.

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At Vero Coffee, we take care of your hot beverage and cold drinking water supply.