Version 1

Version 1

About Version 1

Version 1 set up its first Dublin Office back in 1996, in the past 20 years, it has grown to become an Enterprise IT Solution market leader in many countries.  Version 1 has been voted #4 Best Workplace in Ireland in 2019.

Our Challenges

Version 1 has grown from strength to strength, their workforce continue to grow in their Dublin and Cork based offices. And our challenge is providing a coffee solution that can respond quickly to the increase in demand and shorten the service time, while maintaining the high coffee serving standard that Version 1 expects.

Our Solution

Since our first machine installation back in 2015 in their Dublin City Centre based office, we are now providing coffee solutions to its 3 Dublin based and 1 Cork based office with upgraded coffee machine models, which offers a more intuitive user experience, larger capacity as well as faster dispensing speed. We also offer different blends of Lavazza Coffee to cater for different taste bud.

In the past few years, Version 1 has expanded to the UK market, and through the Lavazza Network in the UK, Vero was able to connect Version 1 with the right coffee partner, to serve its UK based offices.


Our Insights

Lavazza is the 3rd largest coffee roaster in the world, and Lavazza is not only following the trends but also are the innovative leaders in coffee sourcing, blending, roasting as well as sustainability and the coffee offering can meet even the toughest coffee connoisseur’s demand.

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