In Vero, we always take the pioneering approach when it comes to technology innovation. Rather than rely on standard solutions from third-party providers, Vero Coffee has collaborated with leading software developers and coffee machine manufacturers to develop our own telemetry solution, which is now available for our customers.

The new Vero Datalink Telemetry system is a cloud-based system, cleverly connecting the coffee machine with web-based portal. It collects real-time data on your coffee sales, ingredients usages, enables you to create custom business intelligence and consumer behaviour reports that drive your coffee sales.

The detailed sales data allows better monitoring and transparency of accounting matters, information on filling levels and consumption can be used to optimise product supply also.

Our telemetry system also can monitor the state of your coffee machine, keep you informed at all times about the performance of your coffee machine, report technical issues, remind you when the service is due.

So, the user can react quickly and in advance of major issues arising, our technical team can also respond to malfunctions promptly, preventing downtime and loss of sales.

Vero Datalink is extremely user-friendly, the customised dashboard has numerous widgets, detailed analyses in tables and graphs, the user can also download a large selection of reports, including consumption reports, sales reports by drink type as well as coffee machine performance and technical service history reports, etc.

It is particularly useful if you have multi-sites and a large number of coffee machines to manage. The Vero Datalink allows user to view centralised data on all machines within the network, the dashboard is designed to display multi-sites by location and easy to navigate and filter.

Vero Datalink gives operators and service providers new options for efficiently monitoring, controlling and optimising both business and service-related processes.

Get in touch with us by phone 01-5334911 or email to to find out more about how Vero Datalink Coffee Machine Telemetry System works and how can we implement it with your business operations.

May. 2019