The full and partial lockdowns implemented all over the world during the coronavirus pandemic has seen a significant fall in out of home coffee consumption. While these measures are absolutely necessary, the gradual easing of the lockdown over the coming months will start to raise new questions.

People are more aware of touching surfaces

When it comes to any sort of communal machine, whether it’s in a hotel room, a waiting room in a car dealership, or in an office full of people you know, people are becoming increasingly reluctant to expose themselves and others to an increased risk of spreading germs.

In a work or entertainment environment, a coffee machine can be an invaluable piece of machinery. However, there is an increasing shift to a new normal as the world figures out how to minimise the risk and help the general populace to feel comfortable carrying out relatively normal tasks.

In the leisure industry, people need to know the rooms, machinery, and facilities they use are all properly cleaned and safe. In offices, workstations that used to be designed for privacy are now representing a different kind of physical separation. Whatever sort of business you are, there will need to be a shift that puts hygiene closer to the heart of your workplace.

A cup of coffee can be a real perk to your working day, so to just suddenly transition to a workplace where employees or guests are too scared to enjoy the drinks you’ve laid on for them isn’t an option. However, we are launching new contactless technology that utilises QR code technology to allow you to complete the process without ever touching a selection screen. This no-touch technology will go a long way to allaying the fears of employees and guests that want to enjoy a beautiful cup of their favourite beverage.

A shift in attitude

Employees, guests, clients, and employers all need to undergo an attitude shift to keep their operations in line with the mindset of their workforce and customers. This pandemic is changing our entire culture, and those that want to remain successful will need to adapt. This can mean different things for different businesses, such as the coffee shop in Thailand that introduced a rope pulley system so customers and baristas didn’t have to have any form of contact and could maintain social distancing.

Other businesses have quickly implemented delivery services or ramped up their existing ones to deal with the increased demand. Takeaway is becoming far more common. The more advanced businesses are utilising technology to allow customers to order and pay (if relevant) without having to come in to contact with the machine itself. We are launching our own machine that utilises a QR code that allows employees or customers to select their desired drink and control the machine via their smart phone to provide a contactless coffee experience.

Getting ready to have your employees back in work? Vero is your workplace coffee solution expert, touchless technology enables you to choose your favourite drink without touching the screen, making your coffee experience quicker and safer and providing the perfect self-service Coffee Solution.

Is it worth the hassle?

The little perks can make a world of difference to your clients and employees. Maintaining their access to coffee in a socially responsible way will be a big plus for many, which in turn is good for your business.

Companies all over the world are looking for ways to make their guests or employees feel safe while remaining profitable and delivering an outstanding experience. Our aim at Vero is to ensure clients can do this using the best technology available.

You can also take this opportunity to address any other needs in your workplace that may have changed. For example, a workplace may now have fewer employees on a daily basis, as a larger percentage opt to work from home.

Contactless is going to be a key driver of business

While offices will appreciate the technology, it’s far more pressing for companies in the hospitality and entertainment sectors. It will help customers to regain confidence in using your services. Even though the lockdown is easing in many places, social distancing is going to be with us for quite some time, and businesses that rely on their coffee machines for extra revenue or as an essential service to their customers need to act quickly.

As a business, it’s important to Vero to work in a way that keeps our employees and customers as safe as possible. We have our own guidelines and will do whatever is necessary to continue to serve our customers. From minimising or eliminating contact while performing deliveries, to ensuring our hygiene is to exceptionally high standards, and everything in between.


Choosing the best coffee solution partner

Businesses all over Ireland trust us to deliver the highest standards of service, maintenance, and the best products, all backed up by training and exceptional customer service and after sales support. With over a billion cups of coffee being consumed daily, the coffee industry is a fast-paced environment. The passion and commitment of the team at Vero Coffee has led to us becoming the exclusive agent for Caffe Molinari in Ireland, as well as being an official agent for Lavazza, Italy’s favourite coffee.

As coffee lover first, our team are always happy to chat about our products and deals so you can explore all the options available to you, whether due to Covid-19 or not. Simply give us a call on 01 533 4911 or send an email to We love to hear from existing and new clients and will do all we can to ensure your needs are met as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.


July 2020