There are several different situations where a business might be looking for commercial coffee suppliers. They can be used in offices of any size, in retail premises, or in waiting rooms at car showrooms. Even some hospitality companies find them an ideal solution. The wide range of options available to commercial coffee suppliers means a tailored solution is always the best approach.

An increasing number of companies are reaping the benefits of ensuring their employees stay comfortable and happy. A coffee machine provides quick access to your employees’ favourite drinks, adding value to your workplace and keeping everyone a little more alert and happier.

A tailored service

The solution for an office with 5 employers will look completely different from the solution for an office with 70 employees. There are lots of things for a commercial coffee supplier to consider before making any recommendations. For example, some companies with few employees have lots of customers consistently visiting them, which means their solution will need to cater to the number of people likely to use it, not just the number of employees.

Below we’ll break down some of the options available to you depending on the type of business you run. However, we do tailor our service to your business beyond these options, but they will give you a good idea of what is available. The options mentioned below are not exhaustive, so don’t hesitate to contact us for even more stylish and cost effective options.

If you have a space with lots of visitors

These options are commonly used in showrooms, boardrooms, busy receptions etc. The simplest machine serves brewed filter coffee, while the others all offer more choice, such as Espresso, Americano, Macchiato, cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, hot chocolate, or just plain hot water.

Filter Coffee Machine such as Coffee Queen Pour Over machine, it is a trusty workhorse in any busy canteen, restaurant or offices environment, simple and beautifully brewed black coffee served whenever you need.

Or Lavazza Blue Classy Compact LB900, a modern coffee machine, packed with the latest technology, it offers exceptional barista quality coffee with a compact design. There is no fuss, just 3 simple coffee options.

If you want to offer the maximum range of beverages to a high volume of people, then the Carimali Armonia Ultra is hard to beat. It can handle up to 250 drinks per day, is plumbed into the mains water supply, and will handle whatever you throw at it.

The Macchiavalley Nevis can handle up to 80 drinks per day and can be plumbed to the mains water supply or utilise its 3.5L water tank. Nevis is very simple to operate, easy to clean and maintain, and it has very high energy efficiency.

Large organisations

If you work in a larger business or a really busy office, then a more robust solution might be worth considering. Dealing with a higher volume of drinks means these machines are all plumbed to the mains water supply to make life easier. The Carimali Optima Ultra is a fantastic machine capable of serving 350 drinks per day, with 10” touchscreen can be configured to display larger drink selection and playing videos. It also offers 3 different drink strength selection.

Franke A600 is also another excellent choice, it is extremely versatile with Franke foam master technology, offers an exceptional solution for self-service operations.

Small to medium offices

If a machine is likely to get less use than the above categories, then you still have plenty of options. The only real choice is how many options you want to offer. Lavazza Blue system offers barista-quality coffee in the convenient coffee capsules form, with compromise in quality and taste. The Lavazza Blue 2600 offers a full range of delicious drinks and has a hefty 3.5L water tank. It is really convenient to use and easy to clean. If you prefer the fresh milk option, then we have Lavazza Blue 2317. This has a 4L water tank and can provide up to 45 drinks per day. The beverage choices on the Blue 2317 include the classic Espresso, Caffe, Crema, Cappuccino, or Latte 8 drink options.

If you prefer Bean to Cup machine, then for slightly larger offices, could consider the Carimali Blue Dot Plus. It can comfortably supply up to 80 drinks per day, can be plumbed to the mains or use its 4L water tank, and offers a full range of drinks, including hot chocolate and plain hot water.

Hospitality and retail sectors

If your coffee machine is going to be a big part of your activities, such as in a bar or café, then we are your perfect partner. We are trusted by businesses all over Ireland. They have already discovered our great customer service first-hand. Our clients range from 5-Star hotel chains to leading forecourt operators, from Dublin Airport to independent coffee shops.

We are renowned for providing the highest quality products in a customer-friendly way, helping you to maximise your profits. We can also work with customers closely on designing bespoke menu board, providing branded point of sales marketing support, which can help the business owner to maximise their coffee offers.

We have also partnered with leading software developers, developed our own telemetry system, to enable management has access to all the data they need, including a comprehensive sale to cost analysis, maintenance schedule, and a full diagnosis capability.

Branded Lavazza Coffee Cart

Retail customers can benefit from a fully branded Lavazza Coffee Cart, giving customers the chance to help themselves to premium coffee. The cart includes space for all the supplies your customer could need, including sugar, tea, wooden stirrers, cups and lids. You can even display snacks a customer might like to purchase to accompany their coffee.


Why partner with Vero Coffee

Vero is the Italian word for True, and we like to stay true to our principles of providing a wide variety of quality products at competitive prices, all while providing a level of service unmatched by our competitors. We are a leading provider of several brands. Whether you need commercial coffee supplies, or a completely new machine installed, we can help.

We are the official agents of Lavazza and the exclusive agent of Caffe Molinari in Ireland. We offer a full range of coffee (capsules, espresso beans, roast and ground coffee) so we can tailor a package to suit the exact taste profile you’re looking for.

Our customers come to us for high quality coffee, but they stay because of the service. We always provide honest advice and make sure all our products and services are as transparent as possible. Our large team of highly qualified engineers provide nationwide technical service swiftly and efficiently.  Get in touch today for help with your commercial coffee supplier needs.