The Benefits Of Office Coffee Breaks

Picture it, you are stressed and you are tearing your hair out at work (Not literally we hope). Your list of tasks are piling up and up and it feels like you’re bursting at the seams. It’s all becoming too much. What helps? A coffee break, of course.

It’s hard to beat lifting those two feet up from your desk and walking to the kitchen. Sticking on the kettle, taking your favourite mug out of the press or placing your cup at the office coffee machine and waiting for a good brew.

Coffee breaks at work are absolutely not slacking off, in fact, they are necessary to keep you ticking over and staying motivated during the working day. Ever try working till your brain turns to mash? Not nice. Not necessary either. Our brains need a breather.

So what exactly are the benefits of taking coffee breaks in work?

Generating New Ideas

Let’s face it, you aren’t going to make much progress on a task or project if your mind has become all muddled and cloudy. Remember back to the times when you used to study at school or college too. There comes a point when you just need a coffee break.

An office coffee machine is a powerful and practical addition to have in the workplace. Taking a five-minute breather where you stretch your legs and clear your head can work wonders for reinvigorating your mind.

A coffee break gives your mind the chance to come back with fresh ideas that come from a breather. Never underestimate the power of a coffee break for creativity and solutions to flow.

Improves Productivity

Office coffee machines work wonders for improving productivity in the workplace. Following on from the previous point about hitting a slump in your tasks when your mind gets cloudy, the act of drinking caffeine itself can give your brain a boost.

An undeniable fact about drinking caffeine is that it keeps you alert. Caffeine wakes you up and helps you focus at a time when you are struggling to concentrate. It does this by blocking a chemical in the brain called adenosine.

Adenosine is the chemical in the human brain in control of making us feel sleepy. The more adenosine builds the sleepier you will feel. As a stimulant, caffeine counteracts this sleepiness, thus, giving your brain a chance to focus and be more productive.

Aids Socialising In The Office

Having an office coffee machine in the workplace can foster social engagement and break down social barriers. Perhaps you are a new employee and aren’t familiar with the people you work alongside. Taking a coffee break is the perfect opportunity to make small talk and build relationships with others in your office over time.

Speaking with co-workers on a coffee break is useful to be able to vent frustrations and share experiences. The more connected you feel to the people you work with the likelier you are to be happier at work. Who doesn’t want that?

Where Can I acquire an Office Coffee Machine?

After reading this blog post you may be wondering where to buy a cutting edge office coffee machine to facilitate your coffee breaks. Well you’ve stumbled across the right blog post and the right office coffee machines provider.

At Vero Coffee, we are the appointed distributor for Lavazza coffee in Ireland. And, Lavazza coffee is the worlds third largest coffee roaster. Not to mention Lavazza is the no.1 coffee brand in Italy, present in over 90 countries, with 27 billion cups of Lavazza coffee consumed every year worldwide.

With Vero Coffee, you have the choice of some flexible and affordable rental and leasing packages, as well as a vast range of coffee machines to suit your office’s requirement. Enhance your coffee breaks at work by picking up the phone and calling us today on 01 533 4911.

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