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If you’ve ever worked somewhere that has an office coffee machine, then you’re probably already aware of what a big part of the office culture it can become. There’s a good reason why coffee is such a highly valued and traded commodity, second only to oil, it’s because most of us love it. Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, Americano, we love them all and more.

There are several reasons the office coffee machine becomes integral to working life, and many of them you may not be aware of. Below we’ll show you some of the biggest advantages of investing in an office coffee machine, and why it might not end up costing you anything.

An office coffee machine increases everyone’s productivity levels

Coffee provides everyone with a great little boost, which while useful throughout the working day, is particularly effective just after lunch and first thing in the morning. This helps everyone in the office to react when their energy levels feel low, re-energising them and ensuring they stay motivated.

A decent quality office coffee machine will also provide their favourite drink quickly, removing the extra time lost making drinks from scratch or leaving the office to fetch drinks from a local coffee shop. The smell of freshly ground coffee wafting around the office first thing in the morning is simply an added bonus.

It is also well documented that a happier team are more productive, and the social environment created by an office coffee machine goes a long way towards increasing employee satisfaction. Research from MIT has discovered people will often sync their coffee breaks. The result of this, the research concluded, was that workers who take coffee breaks together are more productive.

Your employees will also see the addition of a coffee machine as a valuable perk. It will let them know you appreciate them and think of their welfare.

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Cooperation and teamwork happen around the office coffee machine

An office coffee machine creates a communal area where people mix together, and conversations happen. It creates a great way for colleagues to network with each other. Some of the bonds built, and conversations that happen, lead to new collaborations on projects. It also creates an atmosphere of community, which is beneficial to teamwork, and provides an excellent route into the group for new employees.

Lots of progressive companies are actively creating more social spaces within the working environment, as the increased cooperation and creativity is proving to be hugely beneficial to the workplace. While many of us can’t redesign our offices or move to bigger premises, adding an office coffee machine is a great way to achieve the same sort of space with far less upheaval.

It’s good for customers and guests

Any visitor to your office, whether a customer or a visiting official, will appreciate receiving a delicious hot drink. An office coffee machine allows it to be delivered promptly and at a consistent level of quality. This will help to grease the wheels with any prospective clients. Some office coffee machines can even be positioned in an area of your office visitors have access to, such as a waiting room or reception, which allows you to take advantage of the digital display on some machines with further branding. We have a range of Lavazza LB commercial capsule machine, which look great and easy to operate, perfect for rececption areas/meeting rooms and small offices.

It acts as an antidote to long hours spent at a desk

Japanese research has shown that consuming coffee can ease the aches and pains associated with working at a desk. It eased the pain in the wrists, forearms and shoulders of participants, and improved blood circulation by thirty percent compared to colleagues that avoided caffeine.

Office coffee machines have come a long way

A modern office coffee machine is far more advanced than some of the older models that used to grace offices everywhere. They provide a consistently high-quality drink 24 hours per day, so even those pulling a late one get to stay fuelled for their work. However, the consistent quality is only one of a modern office coffee machine’s advantages.

An office coffee machine is the cost-effective option

Whether you run a staff canteen, boil a kettle, or simply take it in turns making a run to a local coffee shop, the expense quickly adds up. A modern office coffee machine is cost-effective when compared to the alternatives, let alone the time and hassle it saves. It also doesn’t require any additional staff or a lot of space. Any required maintenance is usually performed by the supplying company. The fact everything is stored inside the coffee machine also reduces the likelihood of a mess being made.

If you opt to rental or leasing your machine, then you have even more flexibility built in. If you want a better machine it’s easy to upgrade, and not too much pressure on your cash flow. Leases can vary from 36 months up to 50 months in length, and a package can be put together to suit most budgets and needs. It also avoids the initial capital expenditure of investing in a machine. You can find out more about the equipment RENTAL and LEASING.

An office coffee machine helps to keep you honest

According to Fortune ‘People who get too little sleep are prone to go along with unethical practices at work unless they up their caffeine intake’. This means that tired team members are more likely to do things that could potentially harm your company image, unless they use a pick-me-up like coffee to sharpen their brain, strengthen their will power and bolster their self-control.

Choosing a trusted partner

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