Water Filtration Services

Water Filtration Services

Filtration, Treatment & Conditioning of Water

Water is the main element of any beverage making. A cup of coffee is 98% water and 2% coffee, so water quality is one of the most important factors contributing to the quality and the taste of coffee drinks; you can have the best espresso equipment in place and using the most expensive blend of coffee, but if the quality of your water supply is poor, then it will counteract all other elements. The most common cause of machine breakdowns and service calls is due to untreated water.

It is essential for business owners to make sure the filtration, treatment and conditioning of your water is correct. Water quality in Ireland varies from area to area, and our engineers can test your water for hardness, and recommend the proper water treatment system to suit your own individual use and your local water conditions.

Cloud-Based Platform

Vero Coffee Company will manage your filtration replenishment through our cloud-based platform V Tracker.

The engineer will calculate the expected water consumption and activate the filter replacement date on V Tracker. Alternatively, with most of the bean-to-cup machines, we can programme your machine so that once it reaches the expected water consumption, a message will appear on your machine to remind you that the water filter needs to be changed. We can either schedule an engineer to replace the filter or to save our customers some cost we can deliver the filter to the site and 3 easy steps the filter can be replaced “DIY” style.

Recommended Water Filtration Brands

One of the industry recommended water filtration brands we sell is 3M™, this range of replacement filter cartridges offers multiple solutions to help improve the taste and consistency of your coffee offer.

Discover our range of water filter for coffee machine and water cooler >>

For more information on what type of water filter suits your machine, please contact us at (01) 533 4911 or email our customer service team at info@verocoffee.ie

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