Vero Datalink Coffee Telemetry System

Vendon Telemetry

Vendon is a data-driven telemetry system, by cleverly connecting the coffee machine with the web-based portal. The system allows the coffee operator to collect real-time data on the state of your coffee machines, the coffee sales vs usage. It can provide remote management and analytics effectively.

Vendon is an effective management tool, that can help forecourt operators, caterers and retailers to understand how their machines are being used, giving them the precise information to ensure quality and profitability. The data collected through Vendon can be exported into an API ready format, which can be easily integrated with any existing CRM or Sales Analytical Software. This allows coffee operators to create custom business intelligence and consumer behaviour reports effectively.

And because the machine can be monitored constantly, it alerts you with any system errors immediately and reduces the loss of revenue as a result of machine downtime.


The Vendon Telemetry System is basically a way to look inside the memory of coffee machine itself, collecting real-time data, then the data is being transferred wirelessly to a secure web platform, and this can be accessed by a remote device, this can be a PC, tablet or even your smartphone.


The Vendon Telemetry technology enables data communication and remote monitoring of all the machine’s functions and performance via a Cloud-based system, it gives a real-time snapshot of the machine condition, provides a much more effective machine maintenance and service system for the operators.

The user can view data on water temperature, shot time, the amount of times the machine door was open, as well as the full history of the machine cleaning cycle completed.


The data can obtain accurate and up-to-date sales data, gives the precise coffee cup counting, by different drink types, both in total and per selection, this can prevent employees from under-reporting.

The Telemetry system can also give the exact consumable / ingredient usage, this allows you to analysis the consumption. Through the easy to read dashboard report, the operator can compare current sales and margin data against the previous trading period.


Another major feature of Vendon is the telemetry system can highlight machine errors as well as sending an automatic reminder when the machine is due for service.

coffee machines


Vendon can enable multiple users logging in within each company, which means that different levels of management will have access to different levels of restricted data.

The system is very flexible and can be customised to individual business operators’ requirements.


The Vendon Telemetry system is an excellent tool for those operators who have multiple machine sites, it allows the operator to view centralised data for all machines within the network at the same time. Whether it is 10 machines or 1,000 machines, real-time monitoring and operational stability provide valuable commercial and operational data on product usage and machine stability.


Data can be exported from the portal into an Excel file for formality, presenting and distribution.

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