Preventative Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Vero Preventative Maintenance Service and VeroLogic

The objective of preventative maintenance is to minimize unscheduled coffee machine breakdowns, extend the life of the equipment, improve the quality of coffee offering and prevent loss of revenue.

For coffee machines, a perfect cup of coffee requires professionally serviced and well-maintained equipment, no lime-scale build-up, no broken seals and no internal leakage. It is a vital investment, which goes a long way to keep your machine in perfect and profitable condition.

All equipment will be fully serviced according to the relevant manufacturers’ specifications. Customers will be emailed a copy of the engineers’ detailed report at the end of the service schedule. The preventative maintenance visit will also include calibration of the equipment and dial-in of grinder settings specific to your coffee blend and menu.  Your equipment will then be ready to provide you with dependable performance and peace of mind. At the same time, our software platform VeroLogic will automatically organise your next preventative maintenance schedule.

Vero offers comprehensive preventative maintenance contracts at very affordable and competitive rates. The frequency of servicing will depend on the make, model, the daily usage, the age and condition of the equipment. Our competitive preventative maintenance package can start from as little as €120 per annum.

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Calls

Our field service management software also allows us to select the frequency of visits for each site. Whether it’s weekly, monthly or quarterly Preventative Maintenance service call, the system will schedule the visit dates for us. Once the maintenance schedule is created, the field service management software will generate maintenance visits ready for dispatch to our engineers at the click of a button.

Save Money with a Daily Cleaning Routine

A daily cleaning routine will save you time and money as well as maintaining coffee extraction and frothing quality. We have carefully selected a full range of top-quality cleaning products including Clean Express tablets, Milk Cleaner, Cleaning Powder, and Full Cleaning Kits. These can be used on both traditional machines and Bean-To-Cup machines. Why not read up on our “Espresso Machine Cleaning & Maintaining Tips”.

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