At Vero, we use an integrated all-in-one field service management software. This enables us to centralise our technical service processes and go paperless with all engineer reports. It is an effective method of connecting the back office with our engineers in the field. With Vero’s Field Service Management software, our office staff, field service engineers and technical manager are able to receive job updates in real-time which has allowed for important documents to be sent back to the office as soon as they are completed by an engineer on-site. It allows for all company data to be stored securely electronically, which has dramatically improved our operational efficiency.


Through our Mobile Engineer app, our engineers can easily communicate electronically with the back office, they can record important job information on-site including photos of equipment, site notes, customer signatures, mobile compliance forms and much more. All of this can be received by the office in real-time.

The app can also track our engineers’ location. The engineers are displayed on an embedded Google Map along with any relevant job information and current status. As the map refreshes every five minutes, we can then see who’s closest to site when a new job comes in. This feature has improved our job allocation efficiency and productivity.

Customer satisfaction has improved since the use of our new field service management software. 


Joblogic’s asset management software gives Vero a clear overview of the equipment on-site, the condition and history of the equipment, and the planned maintenance schedule.


Using the portal our customers can have online access to their own data, see the real-time status of their jobs. They can see icons against each job to show when an engineer is en route, on-site or when a job is completed. We can provide our customer with access to job notes, engineer recommendations, photos and certificates. Our customer can download job sheets as PDFs if you need to.