Deliver Coffee Excellence for Your Business

As the leading coffee solution provider in Ireland, not only can Vero Coffee work with our customers to create tailored coffee experiences to fit their business, exceed commercial expectations and satisfy consumer tastes, we can help you stay on-trend and ahead of the competition.

Our Coffee Training delivers on all key aspects of a successful coffee offer, to ensure your staff have all the tools to serve exceptional and consistent coffee, cup after cup.

We follow the industry highest standard which is set out by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), and our coffee training is conducted by our own SCAE certified barista trainer.

As Lavazza’s official distributor in Ireland, we also work very closely with Lavazza UK’s training headquarter on developing more specific coffee training, focusing on the various blends of Lavazza espresso beans. This way you can have very in-depth knowledge of the coffee you are serving, get the best brewing ratio and extract the best espresso for the particular blend of beans you are using.

Each Coffee Training Course is uniquely tailored for the individual customer’s requirement. This will depend on the industry you are in, the type of equipment you have, and the level of your staff’s existing coffee knowledge and skills. We understand our training course needs to be practical and on-trend, that’s why our training course is constantly evolving too, making sure that we can share the latest technology and coffee trends with our customer.

You Choose Where

There are two types of coffee training we carry out for our coffee customers:

  • On-Site Training: Our trainer will travel to your premises and conduct the training with your employee. We prefer to keep the training course small, maximum of 5 trainees each session, so we can make the most out of the session and each trainee can receive some hands-on practice as well.
  • Visit our Purposely Built Training Rooms: You and your team can also avail of our in-house Vero Training Room session. Read more below.

Due to the recent COVID pandemic, we have to restrict our training size to a maximum of 2 people excluding the trainer. If you are a large operation and have more people that need to be trained, that’s absolutely no problem for us, we can schedule separate training courses for you at a time that suits your business needs.

Purposely Built Training Rooms

We also have 2 purposely built training rooms, 1 training room dedicated to the BEAN TO CUP COFFEE MACHINES, another training room is designed for BARISTA COFFEE MACHINES.  Our training centre is conveniently located in Dublin 11, just 10 minutes off Finglas Junction on M50.

We offer a half-day or full-day training session, depending on the individual trainee’s existing knowledge and experience, as well as each customer’s unique training requirement.

Practical Coffee Training Course

Our coffee training course is purposely designed to be practical for business owners. Not only will we cover coffee making, but we will incorporate in-depth teaching on how to operate the machine, how to adjust the grinder as well as how to maintain and clean the machine. The aim of our coffee training is so that all participants will not only know how to operate and maintain the equipment, but have the essential skills to make delicious coffees everytime.

Our Barista Course will cover the following key areas:

  • Brief History of Coffee
  • Coffee botany, Arabica and Robusta beans, processing and harvesting
  • Coffee tasting notes
  • Roasting coffee, freshness, storage
  • Correct procedures of operating grinders and espresso machines
  • How to operate the grinder, dose and pull a shot of espresso
  • Troubleshooting, how to spot bad coffee by appearance, smell and taste
  • Milk steaming and texturing, how to make micro-foam – the silky, shiny milk
  • The café menu Espresso, Americano, Cappuccinos, Lattes, and Flat White
  • Cleaning your machine and keeping your work area clean throughout

After the successful completion of the training course, your staff will have all the tools they need to serve high-quality coffees to your customer every time.