Tailored Branding Solutions

Tailored Branding Solutions

Successfully Branding Your Coffee Shop

It is no secret that customers have a lot of options when they are choosing where to grab a cup of coffee or a quick lunch. Your cafe might even be one of many on the same street. How can your space stand out from the crowds? A unique brand will set your coffee shop apart from the rest. Every cafe sells coffee but it is not always the cafe with the best beans that sells the most cups. The busiest cafe in the neighbourhood is often the one with the best branding.

A well-thought-out branding strategy will bring customers into your cafe while delivering a clear message. Keep reading to learn more about the power of branding and how you can develop an effective branding strategy for your coffee shop.

Branded Coffee Cart

We offer retail customers a coffee cart design and branding service, allow your customers to help themselves to a premium Lavazza Coffee Experience, one cup at a time.

Our Coffee Carts are ergonomically designed and purposely built for retail outlets including convenience stores, forecourt and retail self-service areas,  with plenty of space for the coffee machine, boiler as well as racks for tea, sugar sachets, wooden stirrers, takeaway cups and lids. It can display pastries and other added value snacks.

A branded Coffee Cart is a premium espresso solution for any self-service business.

Menuboard Design Service

A branded menu board design can be turned into an opportunity for the rationalization of the space behind the counter.

We offer Lavazza branded menu board design and fitting service to our customers, the design will be in line with the latest trend and Lavazza branding guidelines. Branded menu boards offer cafes and restaurants a way of showcasing their coffee offering, incorporating stories behind the high-quality coffee beans being served, stimulate your customers and increase repeat purchases.

Self-Service Coffee Station Branding

With the increasing popularity of “Coffee on the Go” concept, a self-service coffee station can be found in every convenient store, every forecourt nowadays. Having a good layout self-service station, with functional space for integrated cup and lid dispensers, incorporating a smart display of condiments and ancillary products, will certainly improve the workflow efficiency, and help business with cross-selling.

No matter the size of the space, Vero can help you with designing an attractive and effective branding solution.

Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage is very useful to draw attention to promotions and to convey information about the business. Because an exterior sign is visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, its effect is continuous. We provide many types of off the shelf and bespoke outdoor signage to business, they are a great way to make people aware of your premium coffee offering.

Our outdoor signage solutions including Pavement Sign, Lavazza Logo double-sided light up boxes, Lavazza Logo plate, tear drop flags, window stickers, windbreaker branding and much more.

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