Sustainability is crucial to the future of coffee

The coffee world has well and truly woken up to the need for sustainability. As one of the most traded commodities, coffee has a big impact on many sectors. It starts with farming and utilises several industries before it finally gets to your home. From a consumer’s perspective, it’s increasingly important to know the products you are buying are part of the solution.

Below are just some of the positive steps being taken by Lavazza and Vero Coffee to work towards a more circular industry and maximise sustainability.

Vero and sustainability

While Vero’s reach isn’t as great as that of Lavazza’s, the only lasting solution will involve every part of production, supply, and consumption. Therefore, it’s equally as important for companies like Vero to have responsible business practices that minimise the environmental impact and support the efforts of our suppliers, NGOs, and charitable organisations within our industry.

The steps we’ve taken

When our sustainability journey started, we completely changed the way we did business. We implemented new inventory ordering, stock management guideline and adapted new logistic and distribution strategies. These make us more efficient environmentally, minimising the amount of transport required. It also helps us to work toward reducing paper, packaging and plastic consumption.

We invested in new software to help our technical service department to be more effective. This step has reduced the time spent on the road by creating more efficient route plans, and automated the reporting system, to reduce further paperwork.

We have stopped supplying takeaway cups that aren’t 100% compostable and biodegradable to our customers. It’s estimated that disposable coffee cups account for the destruction of approximately 20 million trees per year. Using cups that are tree free is a huge step in the fight against deforestation. The technology behind compostable cups are consistently evolving, and we are working with the leader of the industry, to make sure we can provide our market with the latest technology and the most eco-friendly single serving coffee solutions.

All the filling we use in our packaging is recycled material, and we are staying away from plastic bubble wrap where at all possible. We also work with our suppliers to reduce the amount of outer packaging required.

Our service department is in the process of researching and identifying a suitable electric vehicle with the required range and load capacity for their operations. While most vehicles aren’t yet capable of meeting the demands of a busy commercial operation, they aren’t far off and technology is advancing all the time, so we think we’ll be joining the EV crowd soon.

We’ve reduced our fuel consumption, time spent on the road, and therefore the emissions produced by our deliveries. We achieved this by outsourcing our deliveries to a company that can group our parcels with those of other companies. We chose DPD as our logistics partner, as Ireland’s largest courier their efficient route plans have helped us to reduce the emissions produced significantly.

We have now extended our service to SUSTAINABLE WATER SOLUTIONS for offices. We recently teamed up with European leading drinking water solution company COSMETAL, bring you the Aquality POU range of water coolers, to keep your workforce hydrated safely and sustainably.

All the above steps have been taken to reduce Vero’s carbon footprint and ensure we live up to our obligation to the planet and our customers.

Lavazza and sustainability

As an official appointed agent of Lavazza, we’re proud they are leading the way in sustainability within the industry. Lavazza is currently ranking 9th place as the most reputable companies in the GLOBAL REPUTATION TRACK 2019, and 1st place in the Food and Beverage sector, well ahead of our competitors in the coffee industry.

Lavazza has even created a foundation to help manage and implement all the projects they are working on. They currently have 21 active projects in 14 different countries and supporting 94,000 farms. They also work in partnership with several other organisations to help combat cultural, economic, and environmental issues. These include Save the Children, Oxfam, and The Rainforest Alliance.

Lavazza has become the largest coffee manufacturer to launch its own range of compostable capsules within the retail sector. And the 100% compostable capsules range will also be launched in spring 2021. Lavazza also aims to achieve 100% plastic free by 2025 across of all its product range. This confirms Lavazza’s commitment to excellence and a sustainable future. The compostable capsules can be directly disposed in the food waste bin, which will be sent for industrial composting, and within 6 months, 90 percent or more of the plastic material will have been converted to CO2. The remaining is converted into water and biomass.


Lavazza La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Project


Lavazza La Reserva de ¡TIERRA! emerged in 2002 from a social responsibility project to improve the social and environmental conditions and production techniques of some coffee producing communities. Developed in collaboration with the ‘Rainforest Alliance’.

Although since January 2021, the ¡Tierra! range has become La Reserva de ¡Tierra!. Meaning ‘reserve of the land’ this collection of carefully selected, organic and RFA certified beans will directly support projects in the areas where the coffee is grown.

Lavazza La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Range of coffee all grown on Rainforest Alliance certified plantations, the range offers a wide taste coverage profile, it provides a unique coffee journey through the country of origin. The list of objectives is ambitious but achievable. They are already having an impact in increasing good agricultural practices, which improves the quality of your favourite drink.

Lavazza also supports entrepreneurship amongst younger generations, providing support and training to make plantations more professional and empower the workers and local communities. Provide education that fosters coffee growing methods that minimise environmental damage. A large percentage of deforestation is due to agriculture, so supporting sustainable production and reforestation is critical for the future of our planet.

The current climatic instability is threatening the supply of high-quality coffee as well as the livelihood of 25 million farmers in over 30 countries. Lavazza wants to stand by these farmers in combating the effects of climate change by promoting good agricultural practices and supporting sustainable social development.


Lavazza La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Colombia project

Coffee from La Reserva de Tierra Colombia comes from plantations supported by the Lavazza Foundation. The project supports small scale coffee farmers from the Meta region in Colombia, where armed conflict interrupted coffee-growing. Lavazza has helped over one hundred farming families restore plantations, creating sustainable working conditions.

It’s easy to throw around catchy environmental phrases and sound impressive, so to give the above some context here is a small sample of the impact one of the projects is having.

La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Colombia is the latest creation from Lavazza, this precious blend of 100% washed Arabica from Colombia is the product of Lavazza’s continues work in the municipality of Mesetas in Colombia. The region has been consistently destabilized by an ongoing conflict that first started in the 1960s. However, the conflict finally ceased in 2017. A large percentage of the local population had never known stability, had no secure source of income and were living in increasingly poor conditions.

The fertile and uncontaminated land was given back to displaced families, giving them the potential of a bright future if they can access the resources required to serve the world’s coffee community. Post-war economic development can take many years to achieve its goals, but the implementation of Rainforest Alliance sustainable agricultural standards has improved the quality of the coffee and increased productivity.

The high-quality coffee the region now produces has helped to boost economic growth and empower local communities by giving them the resources, training, and tools to control their own futures. Working with dozens of small-hold farmers has had an impact on so many people and their communities, improving living standards, providing a consistent income that allows communities to grow, prosper, and plan for the future.


Lavazza La Reserva de Tierra Alteco Project

Lavazza La Reserva de Tierra Alteco is a truly elegant & premium blend of coffee that is also good for the environment. This organic espresso beans come from the uncontaminated mountains in Central America and Africa, where Lavazza has selected its top Arabica coffees and blended them with quality Robusta. Where the farmers practice organic farming and respect the principles of environmental sustainability, according to the highest UTZ standards. The coffee contains no chemical substances such as fertilizers, no GMO, and the farmers also allow crop rotation to ensure sustainable farming for many generations to come, they are also reducing the use of automated types of machinery during the farming process.

Coffee from La Reserva de Tierra Alteco comes from plantations in Mexico. The project offers the construction of 60 solar dyers and training to 900+ farmers over three years.

“A Cup of Learning” project

Lavazza has been the official coffee partner for UK Premier League team Arsenal FC since 2018. And this partnership has been extended beyond the football stadium.

Arsenal in the community has been using the power of its name to positively impact the lives of young people since 1985. Lavazza works together with Arsenal FC in the community offers training to at-risk young people, providing them with the skills they need to become fully-qualified baristas.

Lavazza’s vision – create a low-carbon emissions economy

The following has been achieved in 2019 by Lavazza, as part of their environmental commitment:

100% renewable energy sources are used in Lavazza’s production plants in both Italy and France; -10% water consumption index; -14% indirect emissions for electricity and -8% indirect emissions for thermal energy and corporate fuel.

Read more about Lavazza Global Goals Journey

Guilt-free coffee for consumers

This all means that when you work with Vero coffee, you know that every step is being taken from the very beginning of the process to minimise any environmental impact. You can also be happy that choosing Vero helps to ensure the continuation of projects that are directly and measurably improving the lives of people today. Whether it’s gender equality, education and training, or financial freedom, the journey of the coffee we participate is a powerful one.

Vero Coffee’s promise

We are committed to providing businesses in Ireland with long-term solutions to all their coffee needs. We build positive relationships that are backed up by our excellent customer service, experienced engineers, and bring Italy’s favourite coffee to Ireland. Whether you regularly need barista supplies or want a machine for a small office, we can create the right solution for your business.

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