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    • coffee-queen-m2-right

      Coffee Queen Pour Over

      Easy to use brewer, manual or auto options, comes with 2 hot plates and 2 glass decanters...
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    • Features

      Coffee Queen’s powerful and easy to use pour over coffee brewer range come in both Auto Fill (A2) and Manual Fill (M2), both models are an excellent value automatic coffee machine using filter coffee. Without a doubt, it is a trusty workhorse in any busy canteen, restaurant or office environment.

      Both Coffee Queen Pour Over Coffee Brewers come with 2 hotplates and 2 serving glass decanters, have electronic timers with signal light when the coffee is ready. The brewing volume is easy to adjust at the front of the machine (4-12 cups). Full stainless steel construction as with all Coffee Queen machines in the range complete with full one piece stainless steel boiler.


      App. 12 cups in 6 min = app. 15 litre/h

      Key Features
      • 2 hotplates (85Watts)
      • Fill water at the front of the machine (M-2 model only)
      • Back of the machine without visible screws (great for consumer display)
      • Metal Filter Pan
      • Easily adjustable brewing volume
      • 2 x 1.8L serving decanters are included
      • Water Connection Hose included (cold water 1/2˝ R) (A-2 model only)
      • Stainless steel construction and Stainless stain boiler
      • 25 filter papers are included
    • coffee-queen-thermo-manual-right

      Coffee Queen Thermo

      Thermos brewer available in both manual or auto-fill, brews directly into flask, comes with one flask included...
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    • Features

      With Coffee Queen Thermos you can brew your coffee directly into a practical 2.2 litre air pot. Handy when you need to keep the coffee warm as well as retain its taste and aroma. Remove the thermos from the coffee brewer and position it where you want the coffee to be served.

      This coffee brewer is available with either manual (Thermo M) or automatic (Thermo A) water filling two models. The model with automatic water connection has electronic time control, adjustable amount of brew and brewing complete signal. Amount of brew 4-15 cups can easily be adjusted at the front of the machine. Air pots included both models.


      Approx 15 cups in 7 minutes = approx 15 litre / h

      Key Features
      • Manual water filling (Thermo M model)
      • Automatic water filling (Thermo A Model)
      • One 2,2 litre stainless steel air pot
      • Electronic time control (Thermo A Model only)
      • Adjustable amount of brew 4-15 cups  (Thermo A Model only)
      • Brewing complete signal  (Thermo A Model only)
      • 1 metre connection hose (Thermo A Model only)
      • 25 pcs filter paper are included
    • coffee-queen-single-tower

      Coffee Queen Tower

      Versatile satellite brewing system, available in single or double models, brews directly into 5 litre serving stations that can be relocated for remote service...
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    • Features

      Coffee Queen Tower is a quick easy to use urn brewer with hot water outlet, comes in Single and Double two models. With its high capacity and ease of use, it also makes coffee easy to serve at really large events. It brews coffee directly into 5 litre serving stations (thermoses) which have unique temperature retention. The temperature only falls one degree Celsius per hour. The serving stations have a practical tap, level indication tube and integrated carrying handle for simple handling. Lift the serving station off the brewer and put it wherever you want to serve the coffee. Quick and easy. Since no external heat is supplied, the coffee retains its excellent taste and aroma.

      All models have automatic water filling, digital display, full and half brewing function, and signal when the coffee is ready. The double model can brew coffee on both sides at the same time. The hot water outlet on the brewer has almost unlimited capacity. One serving station is included with Single Tower and two serving stations are included with Tower.


      SINGLE TOWER 5 litre in 7 min = app. 175 cups/h

      DOUBLE TOWER 2×5 litre in 7 min = app. 350 cups/h

      Key Features
      • Digital display
      • Full and half brewing function
      • Signal when coffee is ready
      • High capacity tea water outlet
      • Approved by the European Coffee Brewing Centre (ECBC)
    • Marco-QwikBrew-Single

      Marco Qwikbrew Single

      Easy to use with coffee & hot water taps, with full or half brew options, perfect for high volume sites...
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    • Features

      Marco Qwikbrew is perfect for catering establishments requiring a high volume and output of fresh coffee. The user friendly Qwikbrew has a large capacity 5.5 litre urn, which can be set to full or half brew depending on how much coffee use is expected during the day. This allows you to brew and hold up to 6 litres of fresh coffee at a single time.

      The Qwikbrew also has a hot water tap as well as a coffee tap, both of which can be used simultaneously. It also has a robust stainless steel construction that would not look out of place in the most prestigious of locations, Ideal for hotels, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and even offices.


      Output 28 litre/hr or 156 cups/hr


      Key Features
      • Excellence in coffee, easy to operate and clean
      • Cost effective to run
      • Attractive design for prestigious locations
      • Stainless steel construction
      • 3 Volume brew options
      • Separate hot water and coffee taps
      • 3/4" BSP water connection
      • 170mm recipient clearance
      • Self-service option available
      • Insulated urn available upon request