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  • Eureka Drogheria MCD4

    With a high-quality front-facing metal clip, designed to hold bags in place during grinding - perfect for retail bags...
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  • Features

    The Eureka Drogheria MCD4 retail grinder is a solid, premium quality grinder, minimal in design, heavyweight and very well built, and is simple to use and clean. It offers a good balance of quality and price, without overly-designed with pointless features.

    Eureka patented micro-metric design is about as good as it gets in the industry. The dial is well-positioned to make it easy to access and adjust grind settings without being a headache. It has a high-quality front-facing metal clip, designed to hold bags in place during grinding – perfect for retail bags.

    Key Features
    • Stepless Micrometric Regulation System patented by Eureka
    • Easy Setting System
    • “High Speed” Maintenance
    • Blow Up System
    • All-purpose grinder
    • New coffee channel with bag holder
    • Aluminium body and base
  • Eureka Helios 80

    On-demand grinder, ideal for smaller outlets...
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  • Features

    The NEW Helios from Eureka is an espresso grinder features a commemorative “Eureka 1920” badge, while the machine itself is geared towards speed and convenience in espresso production. With faster maintenance and a new multifunctional touch display this grinder will complement any Cafe, Restaurant, Hotel and more.

    “High Speed” Grind Dispersion Stepless Micrometric Regulation System (patented by Eureka) “High Speed” Maintenance ACE System All-Purpose Adjustable “Hands-Free” Fork Touch screen (3 doses + continuous) Adjustable and removable outlet chute Bean hopper security system.

    Key Features


    /  "High Speed" Grind Dispersion
    /  Stepless Micrometric Regulation System (patented by Eureka)
    /  ACE System
    /  "High Speed" Maintenance
    /  All-Purpose Adjustable "Hands-Free" Fork
    /  Touch screen (3 doses + continuos)
    /  Maintenance alert customised for burrs type
    /  Possibility to activate or deactivate the dose Pre-Selection
    /   Three different grinding activation modes: only microswitch, only touch screen, both microswitch and touch  screen
    /  Total Control System available, allowing the user to set a password to manage and protect the advance settings
    /  Adjustable and removable outlet chute
    /  Bean hopper security system


  • EUREKA-mythos-grinder-1

    Eureka Mythos

    Precision high-powered on demand grinder, high-speed grinding with built in precision tamper...
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  • Features

    Designed with innovative knowledge, the Eureka Mythos is one of the most powerful On-Demand grinders on the market. With three individual settings for grinding, it is equipped with a particular system of a dynamometric lever and telescopic piston to tamp the coffee equally to the right pressure every time in the filter holder.

    The position of the grinding group is tilted by 60 degrees from vertical, to allow the perfect delivery of ground coffee to the handle. This grinder has an electronic dosing counter and timer, along with micro-metric grinding adjustment without stop points, it also features coffee pressing by an adjustable dynamometric tamper.  The Mythos is an extremely professional piece of equipment that can grind 18kg per hour.

    Key Features
    • High Speed Grind Dispersion
    • Stepless Micrometric Regulation System (patented by Eureka)
    • ACE System
    • 5 buttons electronics with 3 programmable doses and timer
    • Adjustable dynamometric tamper (0-22 kg)
    • Adjustable fork
    • Bean hopper security system
    • Multifunction digital display

  • Eureka_Olympus_75e

    Eureka Olympus 75E

    High-speed high output grinder, easy to use and capable of meeting the demands of most coffee shops...
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  • Features

    The Eureka Olympus 75E hi-speed Grinder is a medium to high output coffee grinder, capable of meeting the demands of most coffee shops.  This new upgraded high speed version uses the same motor from its bigger brother – the Mythos, and it is also using the Mythos’s state-of-the-art 75 millimeter flat burrs in high-strength titanium blade, which can pulverize beans at speeds impressive even against grinders double its price.

    This on-demand grinder has stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment, which makes it extremely easy to use.  Electronic control of doses: Single and double dose, with independent adjustment, or continuous grinding.  This grinder allows you to precisely select the grind size that you want, and delivers extremely consistent results. The machine body is made from steel & aluminium, very similar to that of a Mazzer style production.

    The Eureka Olympus 75E is a serious commercial grinder. It has an excellent build quality, can deliver the highest standard of grind consistency and performance, and it presents fantastic value for money.

    You can upgrade your existing or new Eureka Grinder with the Blow Up System – to discover more please click here – EUREKA BLOW UP SYSTEM.

    Key Features
    • Straightforward operation suited for the busiest cafe environments
    • Volumetric Programming - Dial-in your perfect single or double dose for extra consistency
    • Stepless - Infinite grind settings mean you can find just-right consistency
    • Anti-static coating for easy cleanup
    • Adjustable portafilter holder
    • A sliding door closes off the hopper for easy removal and burr maintenance
    • Bottom Burr Adjust - Make sit easy to get into the burrs for cleaning while still remaining close to your last grind setting