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  • Lavazza Blue Coffee Machine

    Lavazza Blue LB2600

    Professional capsule machine, ideal for a smaller cup, full range of drinks including hot chocolate...
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  • Features

    LB 2600 is the new Lavazza BLUE one-touch machine with a well-finished design ideal for small to medium sized offices looking for a reliable and professional machine, which allows you to obtain not only an excellent espresso but also creamy milk-based beverages and delicious hot drinks.

    Thanks to its large touch panel, it is easy to operate and allows for intuitive beverage selection. It also allows for automatic instant milk perfectly heated, and frothed milk delivered straight into the cup. You will enjoy the perfect coffee every time.

    The LB2600 Lavazza Coffee Machine is ideal for office-use thanks to its large performance capability and small footprint – it is easy to use, can operate seamlessly and silently, simple and quick to clean, and plenty of drink options to choose from.

    As part of the Lavazza group, the system is designed to use milk powder and hot chocolate powder, and no fresh milk required. This Lavazza Coffee Machine is cheaper to run and extremely convenient to use and clean.

    Recommended Daily Output: 45 cups
    Espresso:  40 cups per hour
    Café Crème:  40 cups per hour
    Cappuccino:  40 cups per hour
    Hot Chocolate: 30 cups per hour

    Key features 

    • A large illuminated touch panel allows an intuitive and easy selection
    • 8 drink options
    • 8oz cup size
    • Single or double capsules options, double capsules allow you to make either strong coffees or coffees in mugs
    • Closing system: Gate with rotation point on the right
    • Manual insertion of the capsule, the coffee is selected according to individual taste
    • Automatic capsule discharge
    • Water drawer capacity about 3.5 lt, separated, easily removable and accessible, dish washable
    • Cleaning program supports daily cleaning
    • Coffee and ceramic coated Thermoblock
    • Solubles: 2 canisters of 1,7 lt each or 1 canister
of 3,2 lt 1 mixer
    • Plastic grid painted silver
    • Painted metal cabinet
    • Adjustable / removable cup support: Espresso, Espresso macchiato, Espresso Lungo, Hot beverage, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Moccacino, Choco
    • Removable 3,6 lt water tank with Brita filter predisposition
    • Waster Drawer 25 capsules
    • No plumbing required

  • Lavazza Coffee Machine - Blue Capsule

    Lavazza Coffee Machine – Blue Capsule LB2317

    Professional capsule machine, ideal for smaller a cup, for use with fresh milk (optional), small footprint...
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  • Features

    The latest Lavazza innovation in the world of espresso. Designed by Saeco, LB2317 fits all spaces, from restaurant to breakfast room and self-service solutions.

    Elegant, professional and powerful, the blue capsule Lavazza coffee machine is designed to give you an even more intense experience thanks to its ease-of-use, silence and the perfect combination of the taste and flavour of its coffee. LB2317, the difference in one touch.

    Recommended Daily Output: 45 cups
    Espresso:  50 cups per hour
    Café Crème:  50 cups per hour
    Cappuccino:  30 cups per hour

    Key Features
    • Two boilers
    • Dedicated mobile coffee spouts for different solutions
    • Coffee sprout for single and double doses
    • Large capacity drawers for both the capsule collection and waste water drainage
    • Adjustable height for cups of different sizes
    • Alert for automatic washing cycles
    • Self-cleaning of the brewing unit
    • Easily removable and washable foam dispensing unit for milk
    • One-touch recipe selector
    • Interactive panel to manage menu settings, warning feedback and washing cycle
    • Smart USB for data download and management
    • Comfortable upper cup holder surface
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