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Water Connection

  • Carimali Coffee Machine

    Carimali Bubble

    Reliable professional machine with high group heads and user friendly display, Available in 1, 2 or 3 group models...
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  • Features

    Bubble is the new Carimali clever model, ideal for those coffee professionals who are looking for the best solution to achieve high quality, excellent performance with valued features.

    It is identified by round-shaped sides and groups, that makes it a unique, stand out modern and attractive design. Available with high-raised and low groups, the new machine has been developed with high quality features. And it is the perfect machine for medium to high volume coffee shops, restaurants and cafeteria.

    Key Features
    • User-friendly display
    • Programmable hot water doses
    • Pressure gauge for steam boiler and pump
    • Programming of pre-infusion for all drink selections
    • Temperature probe for a constant control of steam boiler pressure
    Optional Features
    • Cup warmer - electrical heating with temperature settings, to heat cups and serve drinks at the perfect temperature
    • Cold Water Mix for Tea (2 and 3 gr.only) - hot water dispensing with economizer
    • Manual Milk Frother (instead of steam wand) - froth milk with the frother using the steam lever