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  • caffe-molinari-cioco-delice

    Caffé Molinari Cioco Delice

    A traditional Italian-style hot chocolate that is thick, tasty, and energizing...
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    Caffè Molinari introduces Cioco Delice; a traditional Italian-style hot chocolate that is thick, tasty, and energizing. Tempt yourself with the sweetness of an age-old taste. The best Italian hot chocolate, providing tastes according to the oldest practice of Italian bars, and chocolate delicatessen, where the typical bitter-sweet taste of chocolate conquers all.

    The 1kg tin with a tear-off lever preserves the original fragrance of the product. Ideal for high consumption and for professional chocolate machines.

    • 1kg tin with tear-off lever
    • Suitable for barista coffee machine
    • Hot milk / frothed milk is required

    Hot to prepare Cioco Delice Hot Chocolate

    • Pour the contents of one Cioco Delice pack and 100 cl of fresh milk into a 150 cl milk-jug
    • Stir by means of the steam arm and whip the product until reaching the wished thickness
    • Pour the chocolate into cup and garnish with whipped cream

    How to prepare Mokaccino

    • Pour about 30 cl of Cioco delice chocolate into the bottom of the glass
    • Brew an espresso coffee cup
    • Cover with whipped cream
    • Sprinkle with cocoa powder or crushed nuts
  • CS Granulated Skimmed Milk

    Granulated skimmed milk powder. A creamy alternative to fresh milk...
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    CS Granulated Skimmed Milk is a convenient alternative to fresh milk. LOCALLY SOURCED PRODUCT. Made on the highest quality powdered milk on the market, from real milk, and a creamy and smooth texture that tastes just as good as fresh milk.

    This premium milk is suitable for all types of instant machines. The granules flow well and dissolve easily; its natural taste makes it ideal for superb specialty drinks such as cappuccino and latte with a thick, creamy head and works well with tea.

    • Locally sourced product
    • Kraft Bags in foil pack
    • Made from real milk
    • All-natural ingredients
    • Suitable for instant / self-service coffee machine
  • Freshers Hot Chocolate Granulated

    Freshers Granulated Instant Hot Chocolate

    Free flow hot chocolate mix; formulated for use in automatic coffee machines...
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    Freshers Granulated Instant Hot Chocolate is a sublimely luxurious drink with a higher cocoa content for a more indulgent taste. Free of hydrogenated vegetable oils; the granulated formula ensures excellent flow with no clogging.

    It is a superiorly granulated instant product, designed to perform well through drink dispensing systems and deliver a creamy slightly sweeter chocolate drink than standard.

    • 10 X 750g per case
    • Suitable for use in hot chocolate machines and vending machines
    • Free from HVO