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  • Caffe-molinari-cinque-stella-decaf-ground-coffee-blue

    Caffé Molinari Cinque Stella Decaf

    Decaffeinated using the natural swiss water method, a smooth velvety coffee without the caffeine...
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  • Features

    Best-selling decaffeinated roast and ground coffee from Caffé Molinari. It is ideal for those who want to give up caffeine without giving up the pleasure and taste of a good coffee. Caffe Molinari’s packaging process guarantees the natural maturing of the coffee in its own oils and velvety aromas, improving the quality. A fine ground coffee blend, suitable for most of the coffee brewing method.

    A very popular decaf coffee option for coffee shops and restaurants who have only one grinder for grinding the regular coffee beans. This ground coffee can be put directly into portafilter of the traditional machine’s group handle.

    • Roast: Medium
    • Packaging: 250g Tin, packaged in a protective atmosphere, with aroma-safe closure
    • Grind: Fine
    • Suitable: Moka Pot, Pour Over and Traditional Machine





  • Lavazza Blue Capsule Dek Decaffeinated

    Naturally decaffeinated without removing the flavour or aroma, this blend has pronounced sweetness with a meduim body...
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  • Features

    Naturally Decaffeinated, with Taste Note of Roasted Cereals and Hazelnut

    Lavazza Blue Dek Capsule contains 8,5 g* of 100% Brazilian Arabica with less of 0,1% of caffeine. With pronounced sweetness and medium body.

    Lavazza uses the most advanced decaffeination process to remove the caffeine without removing the flavour and aroma.

    Coffee remains the most popular beverage in the world with more than two billion cups consumed per day. Many people enjoy drinking coffee, but want to limit the consumption of caffeine because of perceived health risk or they have a specific health condition.

    • Origin100% Arabica blend of exquisite Brazilian coffees
    • Intensity: 6
    • Roast: Medium
    • Packaging: 100 capsules per case | 8.5 gram per capsule
    • Compatibility: with Lavazza Blue Capsule System

    Medium Body

    Hints of Roasted Cereal and Hazelnut

    Lavazza Blue has created an innovative capsule system that guarantees the perfect Italian espresso every time. It is designed for low to medium volume commercial usage, the perfect choice for the boardroom, meeting area, reception or small office.

    What’s more, there is no compromise on flavour, aroma or body with a range of perfect Italian coffee blends designed to suit all tastes. Lavazza Blue offers great choice with minimum fuss.

    The Lavazza Blue Capsule System offers a great range of benefits:

    • Wide range of blends to choose from
    • Consistently high-quality espresso in the cup
    • 100% Fresh coffee in hygienic, self-protecting capsules
    • No need for a grinder
    • Accurate stock control
  • lavazza-dek-decaffeinato-single-dose

    Lavazza Dek Single Dose Sachet

    A full bodied decaffeinated coffee in a convenient single serve sachet...
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  • Features

    Balanced, Velvety and Persistent Crema

    The Lavazza Dek decaffeinated single dose portion contains the perfect measure to prepare an even creamier and yet full-bodied decaffeinated coffee. The new packaging guarantees the maximum freshness and avoids any product wastage during preparation.

    This special decaffeinated ground coffee is a perfect balance between full-bodied Brazilian Arabica and fine Asian Robusta coffees. Lavazza Dek has a rich taste and a pleasant and rounded aroma. The particular roasting process provides the blend with a good full-body.

    It is convenient to use, can be put directly into any portafilter, regardless of the make and model of the machine and the size of the group handle.

    • Origin: Predominance of full-bodied Brazilian Arabica coffees and a small percentage of smooth Asian Robusta
    • Roast: Medium
    • Packaging: 2 boxes of 80 single dose portions per case
    • Suitable: Traditional Espresso Machine, directly place into any portafilter