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  • Ringtons Fairtrade English Breakfast Tea Bags x 100

    Highest quality tag and envelope Fairtrade Tea bags...
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    Ringtons English Breakfast Tag and Envelope Tea Bags are a premium quality blend of Kenyan and Assam black teas; blended together for an amazingly deep and rounded flavour. The connoisseur’s choice.

    • 100% Fairtrade certified black tea 
    • Deliciously refreshing, and strong in flavour
    • Perfect for drinking at any time of the day
    • Ideal for use in a catering or office environment
    • Single-cup tag and envelope tea bags
    • 100 Teabags per box | 10 boxes per case

    Ringtons have been providing speciality teas to their customers since 1907. Their tea-obsessed Tea Tasters travel the world to find the finest teas and proudly bring back a range of carefully blended tea that is sure to delight tea-lovers of all kinds.

    We suggest the following brewing preparation and preservation tips to ensure you enjoy your Ringtons tea to the fullest extent.

    Preparation – Use one teabag per cup for the perfect cup of tea. Freshly drawn water (which has not been over-boiled), will bring out the finest flavours of these teas. Just boiled water is the ideal temperature for these teabags.

    Brewing – All teas need time to properly infuse, releasing their truest flavours. Ringtons tea bags are best brewed for 3-5 mins, but no longer.

    Serving suggestion – Can be served black or with milk