For a limited time only, we have a special introductory offer to all new accounts who sign up with Vero Coffee this January and February. Now only €20.5 per kg on Lavazza ALTECO Premium Organic Beans, also receiving either a FREE complimentary BARISTA KIT or a CLEANING KIT with this offer.

Option 1. Barista Kit for Barista Machines

Barista Kit Worth €98 ex vat, and contains the following:

Option 2. Cleaning Kit for Bean to Cup Machines

Cleaning Kit Worth €94 ex vat, and contains the following:

T&Cs: Offer only valid for any new accounts sign up with Vero Coffee between 1st of January and 29th of February, 2020. Minimum first order quantity 5 cases (6kg per case) of Lavazza Alteco Organic Beans.


A truly elegant & premium blend of coffee that is also good for the environment. 

Lavazza presents its first ORGANIC PROFESSIONAL COFFEE – Alteco. Lavazza Alteco represents the premium and authentic coffee, with a blend of origins from uncontaminated mountain plantations which practice organic farming and respect the principles of environmental sustainability, according to the UTZ standards.

An Arabica-Robusta Blend of Precious Organic Origins

It is from the peaks of Central America that Lavazza selected the best mountain Arabica to blend them with quality Robusta varieties, coming only from organic coffee farms, to create a range of premium organic blends, environmentally friendly and skillfully roasted. 100% Organic and UTZ Certified.

Taste Note

A balanced and elegant taste, with velvety cream, a lingering aroma and persistent flavour. Hints of honey, dried fruit and a dark chocolate, spiced finish.

Gentle Roasting

Low and medium temperatures with longer timescales, roasting the beans homogeneously and generating the perfect mix of aroma, taste and body.

POS and Marketing Material

To showcase your premium coffee offer, we also provide a range of branded POS for ALTECO to our customers, including branded ceramics, ALTECO wall graphic box systems, coffee machine crowner and coffee grinder hopper graphic.

At Vero, we will work very closely with our customers to create bespoke branding solutions. Below are some works we have completed in a number of locations recently in Dublin Airport.



According to research completed by Allegra World Coffee Portal, 2018. 47.2% of consumers claim they are willing to pay more for certified coffee. Interest is higher among younger consumers (62% for under the 30s). They are also the age range most likely to be strongly willing to pay more for ethically sourced coffee. This trend is also true for coffee sustainability: under 30s are the most engaged age range.

As Ireland is transiting from predominantly tea-drinking nation to a country which is truly embracing its own coffee culture, consumers have become more and more educated and savvy about coffee, and the demand for better quality coffee is no longer desirable but essential. This requires many businesses to premiumise their coffee offering: sourcing more ethical and sustainable coffee beans; expanding their coffee offers on the menu; developing the hyper-professionalism within Barista trade.

Lavazza Alteco has ticked all the above boxes. UTZ certified, sustainably farmed and slow-roasted by master Lavazza roasters. Alteco is also simply a gorgeous and versatile coffee. This 60 – 40 Arabica and Robusta blend are suitable for both Barista Machines as well as Bean to Cup Machines. And it offers great body and crema that Robusta can offer, but as well as the exquisite sweet and aromatic taste profile which Arabica contribute. Alteco combines the best from both worlds.

As an espresso, you can taste all the aroma and lingering taste notes; As the base for any milk drink, Alteco offers a full-body, ample sweetness and persistent flavour whilst retaining the crucial balance needed to combine well with milk.

Alteco is truly the perfect choice for those who want to offer a more premium blend of coffee which is ethical and sustainable and there is always a story to tell when serving this beautiful ORGANIC coffee from Lavazza.

About Vero Coffee

Vero Coffee is Lavazza’s official Irish nationwide distributor, we have a team of highly qualified barista trainers and engineers who can provide high-quality Italian coffee experience for restaurants, hotels, offices, convenience, and forecourts throughout the country.

Interested in Lavazza Alteco Coffee Beans or perhaps looking for advise on supply and service of coffee equipment, talk to our dedicated sales team today, and see how we can help your business.

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