Tips For Maintaining Your Office Coffee Machine

If you are in an office just think about the amount of employees who use that office coffee machine day in, day out. The machine requires a lot of work, dependent on your employee numbers. This is why proper maintenance is crucial to ensure everything keeps working smoothly.

Looking after your office coffee machine can not only provide you with a quality drink after every use, it saves money in the long run by preventing maintenance repairs or worse, having to buy a completely new set up.

Regular Cleaning

The first step which must be followed for proper maintenance is regular cleaning. This typically involves removing certain parts of the machine, such as the grounds bin, drip tray and milk foamer.

Take these parts to the sink and wash them with warm and soapy water to kill off any bacteria. The step is not just useful for maintenance but also for hygiene!

At Vero Coffee we highly recommend a daily cleaning routine. Check out here for a redirect to our machine cleaning tutorials.

Turn Off Your Machine When Necessary

There are some machines that will turn off automatically, however, not all do. If you own an office coffee machine which requires to be switched off manually make sure to remind all staff to adhere to this maintenance rule.

By turning off the machine at the end of each day you use less electricity, decreasing the frequency of use and allowing the machine last longer.

Damage Inspection

It is essential you keep an eye out for any damages or wear to your office coffee machine. Any type of appliance that is used on a regular basis must be checked regularly to prevent accidents from occurring.

Check for any signs of cracks or dangerous electrical wiring placement. If you notice discolorations on the machine or water leaks send your machine in for repair at the quickest availability.

Use The Machine Correctly

A no brainer, proper office coffee machine maintenance must include using the machine correctly. This step involves keeping the coffee levels at the right amount. If the coffee levels get too low it will significantly damage the machine.

The same can be said about the water levels. Water levels that are too low leads to the water pump drawing in air to the system.

Looking For An Office Coffee Machine For The Workplace?

By working closely with property developers, office fit out specialists and plumbing/ electrical installers Vero Coffee has the know-how to offer a tailor-made coffee machine package directly to your office.

We can cater for office sizes of 10 employees and over, 50-100 employees and more. Our vast experience in the coffee industry allows us to make informed decisions on behalf of your business.

We take the hassle away by providing complete office coffee solutions, from arranging a coffee tasting, equipment installation, carry out preventative maintenance and repair services, to provide training on how to use and clean the equipment. We also offer flexible finance leasing and rental options to businesses. Contact us today on 01 5334911 for your best fit.

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