Lavazza Partnerships

Lavazza Partnerships

Lavazza x Wimbeldon

Lavazza’s partnership with Wimbledon, which commenced in 2011, epitomizes the union of Italian elegance and British tradition. As the Official Coffee of Wimbledon, Lavazza sets up coffee bars and carts at the All England Lawn Tennis Club, allowing attendees to savour its renowned blends amidst world-class tennis matches. However, the partnership extends beyond coffee. Lavazza actively promotes sustainability through initiatives such as the “SustainabiliTEA Garden,” aligning with Wimbledon’s eco-conscious goals.

Lavazza x Royal Ascot

Lavazza takes great pride in being the Official Coffee of Royal Ascot for the eighth consecutive year. On June 14, 2022, as the gates of the renowned Ascot Racecourse eagerly awaited their opening, Lavazza’s skilled baristas were busy preparing to brew and serve their authentic Italian coffee throughout the bustling five days that lay ahead.

Lavazza x US Open

Lavazza’s partnership with the US Open is a testament to the brand’s commitment to blending the rich tradition of coffee with the excitement of world-class tennis. As the Official Coffee of the US Open, Lavazza has established a strong presence at the tournament. They provide a delightful coffee experience for both players and fans, offering their renowned coffee blends at various locations throughout the event. This partnership not only enhances the overall experience for attendees but also aligns Lavazza’s values of excellence and innovation with the dynamic world of sports. Beyond serving exceptional coffee, Lavazza engages with the tennis community by supporting talented athletes who participate in the US Open. This collaboration highlights the brand’s dedication to both quality and the pursuit of excellence, creating memorable moments for tennis enthusiasts and coffee lovers alike during this thrilling sporting event.

Lavazza x Arsenal F.C

Lavazza’s partnership with Arsenal Football Club is a synergy of two iconic brands driven by excellence and innovation. Since 2018, Lavazza has been the Official Coffee Partner of Arsenal, bringing the rich tradition of Italian coffee to the world of football. Their collaboration extends to providing a premium coffee experience at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, where fans can savour Lavazza’s exceptional blends. This partnership embodies Lavazza’s commitment to delivering quality and sophistication, mirroring the ethos of Arsenal, one of the world’s most respected football clubs. Together, they offer fans and players alike a taste of Italy’s finest coffee while celebrating the game.

Lavazza x Michelin Guide Ireland

Vero Coffee Company and Lavazza collaborated with Michelin Guide Ireland in 2021, which celebrated the best fine dining throughout Ireland.

Lavazza ambassadors and partnerships

Lavazza, an iconic Italian coffee brand with a rich history dating back to 1895, has successfully leveraged the power of partnerships and ambassadors to enhance its global presence. The company has strategically collaborated with renowned events and institutions, such as Wimbledon and the US Open, to offer coffee aficionados an exceptional experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Furthermore, Lavazza has been proactive in selecting brand ambassadors who align with their commitment to excellence and innovation. From tennis legends like Andre Agassi to celebrated chefs such as Ferran Adrià, these ambassadors represent the core values of Lavazza while extending the brand’s reach to diverse audiences. Lavazza’s partnerships and ambassadors collectively contribute to the brand’s reputation for delivering high-quality coffee and fostering a sense of sophistication, making it a cherished part of countless coffee enthusiasts’ lives around the world.

Monica Galetti

Chef & Presenter

Dennis Zoppi

World Class Mixologist

Julia Roberts


David Cutler-Colclough

Lavazza UK head of Training

Peter Silverstone

Commerical Director at Arsenal FC

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