Innovation and sustainability are two values present in the Lavazza DNA since its foundation and which have been the main drivers in the creation of the brand’s new Lavazza Eco Caps, 100% compostable coffee capsules. Compatible with Lavazza A Modo Mio and Nespresso coffee machines, Lavazza is set to replace its entire range of at home capsules by the end of the year, reinforcing its ongoing commitment to sustainable initiatives.

Lavazza has always been on a strategic path for sustainable development, enriching each stage of its production process with new ideas and projects that involve all its stakeholders. Indeed, sustainability is a shared responsibility that must be supported through innovation.

Lavazza A Modo Mio Eco Caps, which will cost about €6.95 for 16 capsules, will go on sale in Ireland shortly. These capsules represent the ideal solution to enjoy the finest espresso coffee at home. You’ll be won over by the distinctive, creamy taste that makes no compromises in terms of quality and respect for the environment.

Vero will distribtute these 100% compostable capsules to retailers nationwide this autumn 2019. Lavazza will also launch Eco Caps which are 100% compatible with Nespresso machine, and these will be very competitively prices comparing with Nespresso original and other brands of Nespresso Compatible Capsules.

Millions of cups of coffee are consumed every day in the Ireland, generating vast amounts of sums of coffee grounds and packaging waste. Currently, the majority of this waste goes to landfill.

The new Lavazza Eco Caps are made with an innovative, industrially compostable biopolymer that conforms to international standard EN 13432, if correctly processed they biodegrade in 180 days, to become compost. And it can be collected by the waste management companies in Ireland with Food Waste Bin (Brown Bin) collection.

The distinctive aroma of Lavazza blends is guaranteed thanks to the “aroma safe” technology, a self-protection technology that creates a barrier against oxygen to keep the coffee fresh, preserve its quality and guarantee an excellent taste experience for its entire 18-month shelf life with no need for other external packaging. Lavazza embarked on its innovation programme years ago, investing in the research and development of new technologies and instruments for continual improvement and optimisation of all its products in terms of sustainability, quality, safety and excellence. The creation of compostable Lavazza Eco Caps demonstrates the company’s commitment to offering the best taste experience both at home and away from home.

“For Lavazza Group, sustainability is fully integrated in the business strategy,”said David Rogers, managing director of Lavazza UK and Ireland. “The new Lavazza Eco Caps replace the entire range of capsules for home consumption, without any price difference. The company is a firm believer in this major investment, which confirms our commitment to excellence, quality and sustainable development.”

The new Lavazza Eco Caps, which embody the best of 120 years of Lavazza tradition, innovation, quality and taste are now available for Irish consumers.

100% Quality, 100% Compostable!

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August | 2019