Lavazza ¡TIERRA! is a collection of fine, selected-origin blends, mixed with the artistry of Lavazza, in order to offer the perfect synthesis of flavour from its territory of origin.

Lavazza La Reserva de ¡TIERRA! Project

Lavazza La Reserva de ¡TIERRA! emerged in 2002 from a social responsibility project to improve the social and environmental conditions and production techniques of some coffee producing communities. Developed in collaboration with the ‘Rainforest Alliance’, it is the result of Lavazza’s strong commitment to sustainability, based on three fundamental principles – product excellence, support and care for small communities and respect for the planet.

From January 2021, the ¡Tierra! range has become La Reserva de ¡Tierra!. Meaning ‘reserve of the land’ this collection of carefully selected, organic and RFA certified beans will directly support projects in the areas where the coffee is grown.

Today’s Coffee Trend

In the past few years consumers consciousness has evolved: they want to know where the product comes from and how it is made. The Lavazza La Reserva de ¡TIERRA! project has delivered just that; offering Sustainability, Storytelling and Expertise in Coffee Craftsmanship.

Why Choose La Reserva de ¡TIERRA!

Choosing Lavazza La Reserva de ¡TIERRA! for your coffee solutions means you can guarantee a product of the highest quality and inimitable taste. Thanks to the origins of the blend, the preparation, the careful search for the best coffee beans, and the perfectly balanced roasting of the bean.

Taste Consistency

Lavazza’s direct connection with the farmers and the traders, has helped to establish the specific selection criteria, thanks to the technical support of the coffee experts. The set of “coffee selection standards” can ensure the taste profile of each blend, consistent 365 days a year.

Roasting Blends to Perfection

Lavazza has adopted the most appropriate roasting techniques for the selected blends, “gentle drum roasting and air conveyed technology”. Lavazza’s Slow Gentle Roasting method can ensure a consistency in cup quality, with long-lasting flavors and a rich and intense aroma.

Enhanced Consumer Coffee Experience

The blends are available in Espresso, Filter and Blue Capsules, to satisfy all tastes any time of day, and in different sizes, for true coffee connoisseurs.

It also means you can upgrade your coffee offer: from simply a coffee tasting, to a coffee experience. Be part of a virtuous cycle that creates value for all stakeholders, from farmers, to coffee shop operators, and to consumers.

Attract New Customers

Coffee shops can target who are interested in experiencing the new coffee taste and are willing to pay a premium price. Engage customers who are sensible to ethics, sustainability and the environmental causes.

What Vero Can Offer

At Vero, we are working very closely with Lavazza to support business all over Ireland. To ensure each customer’s journey is optimised, and to increase the quality perception for your location, by using the dedicated range of materials created to communicate Tierra range. We have a large selection of dedicated La Reserva de ¡TIERRA! point of sales and crockery available…from La Reserva de ¡TIERRA! ceramic cups, condiment holders to wall posters, so you can create a highly visible and tangible premium coffee offer.


Read our next coffee blog on the different blends available in the La Reserva de ¡TIERRA! range, and what taste profile can you expect from each unique ¡TIERRA! blend.

July | 2019