Our Vlog - Lavazza Kafa Forest Coffee

We have a really exciting review in this week vlog, our Coffee Trainer Ian brews and reviews the exquisite Lavazza Kafa.

From the heart of the Ethiopian forest, Kafa is a rare and exceptional coffee blend, because it derives from the first coffee plants from which all others originated. Kafa, a rainforest in the region of the biosphere reserve, where the story of Arabica coffee begins. Over the centuries, around 5000 varieties of coffee have grown spontaneously in this region.

With a unique harvesting method, the coffee is handpicked with an extra selection of berries at the ideal ripening point. It delivers aromatic notes of honey, cherries and dates

The slow roasting process of Kafa preserves the sensory qualities of the coffee, and this is the secret of its perfect balance of aroma, taste and body.

  • Coffee Machine: Carimali Bubble 2 Group
  • Coffee Grinder: Eureka Olympus 75E on Demand