Lavazza is not only the excellence of Italian coffee, it is the best Italian coffee experience in all its shapes.

Lavazza represents an infinite history of quality, taste and innovation, starting in Turin over 124 years ago and reaching the rest of the world. The coffee experience offered by Lavazza is not only the Italian version of local coffee but the celebration of all coffee preparations and consumption, created and interpreted by the leader of Italian espresso.

Everywhere you are and whatever is your way of drinking coffee, with Lavazza you can always find your «More than Italian» coffee to fall in love with. And whatever your way of drinking coffee, Lavazza has something perfect for you.

Get to know some of Lavazza’s best varieties:

Qualità Oro

A historical Lavazza blend can become a bold, tall mug if prepared with the French press.

What makes this 100% Arabica coffee special is the highly aromatic and refined flavour.  Its sweet taste, mitigated by notes of flowers and fruit,  makes for the perfect everyday habit.

Alteco Organic

The perfect combination of taste, aroma and body.

Lavazza has found these high-quality organic beans after an exhaustive search. Alteco is Lavazza’s first organic blend, consists of Arabica and Robusta beans cultivated sustainably at UTZ-CERTIFIED farms.

Qualità Rossa

Like the best selling roast and ground filter coffee, Qualità Rossa A Modo Mio Capsules offer a creamy, quick solution with a flavour that never disappoints

Everyone needs a morning boost, and the strongest Lavazza variety is the right way to start your day. You’ll find a full, long-lasting taste, balanced by hints of dried fruit and chocolate. And if it’s your thing, you can make that Flat White you’ve always craved at the local café. Lavazza A Modo Mio system is perfect for home use and hotel bedrooms.

Super Crema

Thanks to a rich cream and an aromatic ‘organoleptic’ profile, the Super Crema blend offers a full body and a precise taste experience, this elegant blend represents the harmony of Italian espresso excellence.

Top Class

From Lavazza’s specials collection, Top Class is a blend embodies characteristic notes of hints of dark chocolate and cinnamon. A fine selection of Arabica and Robusta, create this perfectly balanced blend, with spiced sweetness and full body.

Lavazza takes to the world the coffee experience in all its forms, thanks to the expertise and the pioneering spirit of the company that, for four generations, has created and developed new blends and new preparations with the quality and character of authentic Italian espresso.
At Vero, we are proud to offer business and consumers in Ireland such an iconic brand with the inimitable Italian quality and taste, with local knowledge and reliable services.

June | 2019