Lavazza Coffee Hacks – Espresso


Espresso is an Italian Coffee drink, originating in Italy in the early 2oth century, with the city of Turin lays claim to the origin of this superior extraction system. Nowadays espresso coffee is synonymous with the notion of Italianness all over the world, and it has become the representative of coffee culture in many coffee-consuming regions.

Espresso can also be enjoyed on its own for its full body, rich texture and bittersweet coffee flavour. It is also the foundation of many types of coffee drinks being enjoyed aroun the globe today. Nearly all of our popular Coffee Shop drinks are made with either 1 or 2 shots of espresso, plus steamed or frothed milk at different ratios.

Translated from Italian, the word espresso refers to the speed, express, made to order, fast. Each shot of espresso is made to order upon customer request, which normally prepared by an espresso machine generate up to 15 atmospheres (ATM) of pressure to force the water through the coffee.

The True Espresso Must Be

All great coffee starts with an espresso, it is critical to start with a perfect espresso if you want a great cappuccino or latte etc.

Discover how to make a real “Made in Italy” coffee by Lavazza

Vero Coffee is Lavazza’s official coffee distributor in ROI, who offers unique variety of coffee in order to let you taste the perfect Italian espresso in a cup. We also provide qualified and on-demand professional barista training to our customers. For more information, please contact us at 01-5334911 or email our customer service team .