Lavazza Coffee Hacks – Espresso Based Coffee Drinks


Nearly all popular coffee drinks being enjoyed today are based on espresso, in different strengths and combinations; some drinks have milk or cream added, some use steamed milk, others use foamed milk, some add syrups or sweeteners, some have alcoholic liqueurs added.

All great coffee starts with an espresso, it is critical to start with a perfect espresso if you want a perfect cappuccino or latte. These espresso-based drinks are the fundamental and essential drinks of the trade, and none of them is difficult to master, once you have mastered espresso itself. Next step, would be understand the differences of “Frothing” and “Steaming” milk, you can view our previous blog on How to Create the Perfect Milk Foam and Texture to get some tips from the Lavazza Trainer; And given the popularity of plant-based milk in recent years, it is also important to learn how different milks will respond to frothing, read our blog on How to Froth Plant-Based Milk. 

Once you have a perfect espresso and have been practising on how to frothing and steaming the milk, now you can go ahead and create some delicious espresso-based drinks: Here is the list of 6 of the most popular drinks:



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