Coffee tasting notes are quick guides to the aromas and tastes you will find while brewing and sipping those coffees.  Coffees are very complex so you will discover a multitude of coffee flavours.  Their essences include aromas that range from floral to fruity to smoky.  The tastes fall on the spectrum from sweet to sour, and from salty to bitter. In this coffee blog, we will be looking at how to read the coffee tasting notes in general and what are the Lavazza Espresso Beans tasting notes you should expect.

How do you read coffee tasting notes properly?

The first thing to realise is that coffee needs to be freshly roasted and freshly ground for the inherent flavours to be brought out. Stale coffee will taste bland.

It’s good to start by reading the tasting notes on the side of the bag of coffee beans, flavours like vanilla, blueberry, chocolate or lemon are all not uncommon.

Coffee will taste…like coffee. It is coffee, It has to. But there is a vast world of bitterness, acidity, body, flavour, and aroma that can all depend on what roast and blend is in your cup.

Firstly, a word of caution. Be careful not to confuse tasting notes with an actual flavour – there is a marked difference.

What tasting notes describe is the subtle deviation from the normal taste. For example, notes of melon are characterized by a coffee that has a hint of sweetness and a fruity flavour.

It’s not going to taste anything like a long swig of fruit juice. It’s still coffee.

Additionally, tastes are subjective. What you taste will always have a personal quality because your own reference points for tasting will be different from someone else’s reference points.

What you describe as having a grapefruit aroma someone else might say had a citrus aroma. The general taste – sweet and citrus – is there, but encompassed by different words.

So bear in mind that tasting notes are a guide. The bag may talk about ‘notes of blueberries’ and you may completely disagree and that’s OK.

Unlock Lavazza Professional Espresso Beans Taste Notes

¡Tierra! – A collection of premium blends sustainable selected and expertly blended. The coffee that highlights the characteristics of its places of origin: Brazil, Colombia and Central America.

Lavazza La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Selection – a unique coffee that blends sweet notes with delicate aromas of flowers and fresh fruit accompanied by hints of chocolate.

Lavazza La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Colombia – a superior blend, with aromatic harmony and a smooth taste, taste note of hints of tropical fruit combined with the scent of lime zest and jasmine flowers, with a sweet liqueur aftertaste.

Lavazza La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Brasile 100% Arabica – an excellent blend made up of 100% Central and South American Arabica mild beans, sweet and velvety with hints of caramel and hazelnut and liquorish flavours.

Lavazza La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Brasile Blend – A superior blend of Brazilian Arabica and washed Robusta, creates an espresso with an intense profile and a perfect balance of sweetness, cocoa and hazelnuts, with hints of chocolate and dried fruits.

Classic Collection – a range of traditional Italian blends, a result of a masterful selection of the best coffee origins, combined with the most innovative roasting techniques.

Lavazza Crema e Aroma – Decisive Blend with a consistent rich crema and a balanced aromatic profile, with a pleasant aftertaste of dry fruits, bitter cocoa and precious woods, taste note of nutmeg and peanut.

Lavazza Super Crema –  Aromatic blend with velvety crema and persistent aroma, with notes of roasted hazelnut and brown sugar.

Lavazza Gran Espresso – Balanced aromatic blend, with a full body and a rich cream, with taste notes of cocoa and black pepper.

Special Collection – a range of superior iconic blends,  designed to offer different aromatic profiles of excellence and guarantee a unique in-cup experience.

Lavazza Gold Selection – Aromatic Blend with a perfect bittersweet balance. A fragrance of honey and almond with Taste Note of Honey and Almond.

Lavazza Top Class – balanced blend, with pleasantly balanced aromas and smooth aftertaste. With taste note of dark chocolate, dried fruit and cinnamon.

Lavazza Gran Riserva – Decisive Blend with a consistent and velvety crema and a rich and rounded aroma, it has caramelized sweetness and full-body, with taste note of maple syrup and walnut.

Lavazza Top Class Filtro – Medium-roasted 100% Arabica blend, with an intense aroma. A sweet taste of milk chocolate and toasted hazelnut.

Specialities Collections –  this range gives connosuires a unique experience, sourcing the finest and ethically sourced coffees in the world, skilfully blended by Lavazza, the result is an elegant espresso, which can creates a unique customer experience and distinctive offering from your competitors. 

Lavazza Alteco – Lavazza’s first organic blend, a balanced, elegance and sustainable coffee, with a lingering aroma, taste note of hints of honey, dried fruit and dark chocolate, finishing with a spiced note.

Lavazza Kafa – It comes from the Ethiopian forest, this premium blend offers you an original, exclusive and credible espresso bean, with very limited production. A taste note of intense and floral with notes of honey, dates and cherries.

Lavazza has been a master of blending since 1895. They have been skillfully balancing the body, aroma and taste, creating a unique taste experience for customers all over the world.

Don’t forget in order to achieve the tasting as the roaster intented or advertised on their labels. High quality roasted coffee beans along is not the solution, the well trained barista, and properly calibrated coffee grinders, as well as the correct brewing ratios are all crucial factors.

Vero Coffee is Lavazza’s official Irish distributor, and we have a team of highly training barista trainers and engineers who can provide high-quality Italian coffee experience for restaurants, hotels, offices, businesses, and retailers around the country.

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