Our Vlog - A Flat White with Lavazza Kafa

In our weekly Vlog, our Coffee Trainer Ian will demonstrate how to make the perfect Flat White with Lavazza Kafa, ann exquisite beans from the Ethiopian Forest.

Ian’s Coffee Recipe: 1/3 espresso; 2/3 microfoam milk

Until recent years, you’d struggle to find a place serving a Flat White Coffee in Ireland, but now it’s a firm stable drink on most café’s menu board, it is the very definition of third wave coffee.  Smooth velvety microfoam with strong espresso taste cutting through, a flat white coffee isn’t just a small latte, it is a different coffee experience.

  • Coffee Machine: Carimali Bubble 2 Group
  • Coffee Grinder: Eureka Olympus 75E on Demand

Published on Dec 12, 2018.