Q. How long does it take to deliver my barista coffee machine?

A. Delivery of machines take approximately 3-7 working days


Q. Will a technician be sent out to install my machine?

A. Yes, a fully qualified technician will install and prepare your machine


Q. Does Vero Coffee offer maintenance services?

A. Yes, Vero Coffee has an in-house team of fully qualified service engineers, we offer preventative maintenance packages along with reactive service and we can tailor service solutions to suit your requirements.


Q. Is there customer aftercare?

A. Yes, customers will be assigned a dedicated account manager.


Q. How long does the delivery take?

A. Delivery of coffee beans and coffee products will take approximately 1-3 working days.


Q. Are there leasing options available?

A. Yes, leasing is available from 12 months up to 5 years, subject to approval and the company’s T&Cs


Q. Do you offer a consultation service?

A. Yes, we offer a free consultation service.


Q. Will, there be plumbing required?

A. This depends on the model of each machine and our sales team can advise more details regarding our brands and to suit your needs.


Q. What power is required?

A. This depends on the model of each machine and our sales team can advise more details.


Q. Is it a better option for me to lease or rent the machine and what are the available payment options?

A. We offer leasing, rental, or purchase of our products. Our sales team can advise on the best option to suit your needs and budget.


Q. What’s the minimum amount required for leasing?

A. Leasing is available for orders of a minimum of €1,000 spent.


Q. How do you clean the barista espresso machine?

A. Full training will be provided on this by our technicians. It’s a simple process!


Q. How can I set up a repeat order of coffee beans?

A. Simply advise us and we will set it all up so that you receive your daily, weekly, or monthly order.


Q. Does Vero Coffee charge extra for maintenance and other services?

A. Vero Coffee offer service at very competitive rates and your account manager will discuss your requirements and provides costs for a suitable solution.


Q. Does Vero Coffee offer training on machines and accessories?

A. Yes, training will be provided on the correct use and cleaning of any equipment sold by Vero Coffee. We also offer barista training.


Q. Can I use other branded coffee beans on my barista coffee machine?

A. Vero Coffee only offer equipment in conjunction with an exclusive coffee supply agreement.


Q. How long is the contract with Vero Coffee?

A. Our minimum coffee supply agreement is 12months, or for the duration of any leasing arranged through Vero Coffee.