Lavazza La Reserva de ¡TIERRA! range offers a wide taste coverage profile, it provides a unique coffee journey through the country of origin. In this blog, we are taking a closer look at the blend, the origin and the taste profile.

Master of Blending Coffee 

Lavazza has been a master of blending since 1895. They have been skillfully balancing the body, aroma and taste, creating a unique taste experience for customers all over the world.

¡Tierra! blends contain over 20 different coffee varieties and each one contributes in its special way to the final cup.

How do La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Blends bring together the flavour complexity of different origins?

  • BODY:

Typically given by the natural Arabica and washed Robusta beans from Brazil, the Colombian washed Arabica from the Meta region.

  • AROMA: 

Chocolatey and nutty notes from Brazilian natural Arabica; Honey from Brazilian semi-washed beans and natural Arabica; Fruity, floral and citric notes from Colombian washed Arabica beans.

  • TASTE: 

Acidity, coming from Brazilian semi-washed and South Colombian washed Arabica beans; Sweetness, coming from Brazilian Natural Arabica and washed Robusta beans, and from Western Colombian washed Arabica beans.

Choosing the Lavazza La Reserva de ¡TIERRA! Blends

As the official Lavazza Coffee distributor in Ireland, we offer the full range of Lavazza Espresso Beans, including the 4 exquisite blends from La Reserva de ¡TIERRA! range.

La Reserva de ¡TIERRA! Selection 100% Arabica – a fruity and balanced blend with the finest selection of arabica from Colombia, Honduras, Brazil and Peru, this is the most popular commercial blend, with guaranteed consistency.

La Reserva de ¡TIERRA! Colombia 100% Arabica – an aromatic and delicate blend with coffee from the meta sustainability project coffee plantations.

La Reserva de ¡TIERRA! Brazil 100% Arabica – A full body and smooth texture espresso, with Arabica from two regions in Brazil: Lambari and Cereja Passita.

La Reserva de ¡TIERRA! Brazil Blend – an intense espresso, with the best brazilian arabica from South Minas and Lambari, as well as washed robusta from South Espirito Santo.

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July | 2019