About Koffee and Kale and Our Challenges

Koffee & Kale was an already successful established business with one outlet operating in the centre of Dublin city. Their philosophy was simple, “to sell great coffee, make deadly salads and to make massive sandwiches”.

Koffee & Kale wanted to upgrade their coffee offering to a certified 100% Fairtrade Organic bean in keeping with their ethos, they also wanted to surpass the growing competition with the intent of expanding the business into new units.

Vero Coffee was approached by Owner Kevin Sookun, he had raised his concern about the increasing competition in the Dublin city area with a new coffee shop opening close by and his stagnant coffee sales. Koffee & Kale wanted to work with a trusted supplier, to improve their coffee offering, in terms of quality and sustainability and to boost their coffee sales.

On top of improving their offer, Koffee & Kale was looking to use this change as a platform in which to grow their business and embark on an expansion plan.

Our Solutions

Molinari Bio was chosen as the blend for use, we offered this 100% certified Fairtrade Organic blend for their barista offering as we felt its sustainability along with its quality would appeal to the discerning Dublin customer. This premium organic blend of coffee along with a well-trained team offers a competitive edge for Koffee & Kale and has played a key part in attracting new customers.

The Results

Since switching to Molinari Bio, Koffee & Kale have increased coffee sales by 40% in comparison to their original offering. Koffee & Kale maximised the sales potential by adding new coffees and a seasonal drinks menu, they have seen increased consumer loyalty and repeat business with very positive feedback. With a total of three units now open and more on the way Koffee & Kale continue to go from strength to strength.

About Caffé Molinari Bio Organic Beans

Caffé Molinari Bio uses only the finest 100% Organic & Fairtrade Certified Arabica beans, an exquisite blend is characterized by a pleasant aroma and the right balance between body and acidity. The coffee is grown and processed without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or other materials, and it protecting the natural resources of our planet.

Caffè Molinari has been roasting hand-selected, artisanal Italian coffee for centuries. Now a symbol of premium Italian coffee around the world, Caffè Molinari remains loyal to its ethical principles and continues to be a leader in innovation. By using Caffè Molinari Organic beans, it offers a competitive edge over your competitors.

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