About Hassetts Bakery and Our Challenges

Hassetts Bakery has an established tradition for quality and excellence in Munster, it is the leading supplier of high-end bread and confectionery products, you can find many of Hassett’s produce in restaurants, cafe and supermarkets in Cork and beyond. They also operate a chain of bakery retail outlets in a couple of busy shopping centres in Cork City. Michael Hassett – the owner contacted Vero Coffee for some suggestions and advice on how to improve their coffee offering in their retail outlets.

Our Solutions

Based on the key message of tradition and consistency of quality we presented the Lavazza LB 4723 Capsule coffee machine. This system combines the traditional method with the latest technology to ensure that Barista Quality coffee can be achieved by any staff member, without intense barista training.

As the grinding, tamping and group handle cleaning process is eliminated from the procedure – ordering time to serving time is reduced by 60%. The LB4723 is also supplied with an automatic temperature-sensitive steam wand. Preparing the perfect milk for Latte, Cappuccino and Flat White drinks is a simple matter of placing the steam wand into the frothing jug and pressing a button.  The LB4723 also has a 10.5litre boiler and is capable of producing ample hot water for Americano and Tea drinkers.

As there is no requirement for a coffee grinder, grounds draw and tamping area – the footprint of the LB4723 (w 39cm- d 52cm-h51cm) delivers high volume in a small space at the highest quality.

There are 6 blends of Coffee Capsules to choose from, ranging in strength and bean composition, including an exceptional decaf option.

With the LB4723 system from Lavazza – investment is low and returns are high.


“The Lavazza LB system has exceeded our expectations and our customers’ response has been nothing but positive and rewarding.”

Michale Hassett

Owner | Hassetts Bakery