Enhancing Your Coffee Service

The versatility and flexibility of our product range, means you will always find an appropriate solution for each space, and the peace of mind that guests will enjoy and remember consistent branded quality coffee.

Our coffee expertise and service capabilities are renowned within the hospitality sector in Ireland. We have a dedicated range of professional coffee machines designed to meet the hospitality sector’s needs. Whether in the lobby, guests rooms, meeting rooms, buffet area, restaurant, bar or in bedroom service, we have the coffee solutions tailored to each environment of your hotel. 
We have extensive experience in delivering world-class coffee and state of the art equipment to the hotel and wider hospitality sector.

A Five-Star Coffee Experience

Vero Coffee can help you create an authentic, sustainable, five-star coffee offering in your establishment, whether it’s a good breakfast in a shared dining room, a break back in the room for a moment of private relaxation, a coffee during an important business meeting or a casual coffee in the bar or restaurant, our range of espresso beans’ unrivalled taste has a knack for finding the right place. We can tailor a bespoke coffee experience designed specifically to make the customer welcome even warmer.

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360° Cover for Hospitality Sector

We know that you need different solutions for different environments. For instance, you may require a self-serve coffee machine for the breakfast buffet; a barista coffee machines for the restaurant; the filter coffee bulk brewing system for meeting rooms and banquette.

We also offer a range of tea bags and coffee capsules for quality bedroom service. To reflect your premium offering, you might also want to upgrade your in-room service, we also offer a range of Lavazza A Modo Mio Capsule Machines, which are perfect for having your guest to an enjoy an excellent top quality coffee in their room.

Bedroom Service

Great coffee doesn’t have to stop at the front of house, we can help you create an exceptional authentic coffee experience that continues into the bedrooms. With rising customer expectations and competition at an all-time high, improving your standard is a must, we can upgrade your current bedroom offer with the latest Lavazza A Modo Mio Capsule Machines.

Lavazza is committed to sustainability, from sourcing, to packaging and distribution. It is one of the first major coffee roasters in the world that has introduced the 100% compostable capsule range, it is always good for the guest to know you are using high quality sustainable coffee in your hotel too. Eco capsules can be simply placed with your food waste. With different blends to choose from, the following three blends are particularly popular among our Hotel Customers: DolceQualita Rossa and Dek Cremoso.

We have a strong partnership with Lavazza, providing all our hotel customers in Ireland with premium coffee solutions, best in class service and attentive before and after-sales customer care, so you will have peace of mind.


We offer a cost-effective solution to upgrade your room service. Here are our most popular two models of Lavazza A Modo Mio capsule machine for bedroom service:

Tiny is a compact coffee machine that’s perfectly suited to small spaces. It is beautiful, captivating and easy-to-use. It is the perfect coffee machine for hotel bedroom use, with a single button, your guest can turn on and off the machine, and using the same button to prepares coffee. It features a start and stop system, which means the guest can control the volume of the coffee drink, whether it is an espresso they desire or a larger Americano, Tiny can deliver.

Jolie Plus model has two pre-set buttons, offers the dual automatic dispensing for a lungo or an espresso, it delivers all the flavour and goodness of authentic Italian espresso in style. With new finishes and fine details in chromed metal, lending it an elegant and refined look. Using 10-bar pressure, this modern machine extracts a perfect crema-topped single or double espresso at the push of a button.

To complete your premium bedroom service, we also offer Lavazza Premium Docking Station, perfect to store the capsules, sugars, tea bags, cups … And allow you to have everything at your fingertips and always perfectly tidy.

Service support and Training

We can supply you with and service, state of the art equipment to suit every requirement from some of the leading manufacturers. Your tailored package will be backed by our nationwide service team who offer unrivalled efficient preventative maintenance plans along with expert breakdown service cover. We can develop the barista skills of your staff through training programmes designed specifically to be practical and on-trend while also being tailored to the needs of your business.