Good Coffee Can Help to Accelerate Your Business 

At Vero Coffee, we understand the importance of how the perfect coffee can influence a restaurant customer’s experience: rounding off a meal with a richly sensorial coffee can generate strong emotional connections. Serving delicious, bespoke beverages can significantly contribute to the success of your establishment. Customers today are fast becoming coffee connoisseurs and many will go out of their way to seek out a great coffee. Delivering an exceptional coffee experience is crucial to many bars and restaurants business today.

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Our Tailored Approach

By working closely with our suppliers, we have created our own tailor-made solutions to help restaurant professionals offer their customers excellent products and services in every space and context. We will work with you to create a solution that is unique to your business, we can provide the equipment that exactly fits your space and the experience levels of your staff, as well as the preferences of your customer. We can offer a coffee tasting, pair the perfect coffee blend with your food offering and customise the barista training programme for your staff, so they have the required skills and confidence to prepare consistent high-quality coffee cup after cup.

Finding the Perfect Equipment

There are plenty of choices with Vero Coffee when it comes to finding the perfect equipment for you. You can choose from the best Traditional Barista Machines, provide your staff with a good level of barista skills, once they have time to prepare the coffee, from grinding beans, to extracting the espresso and frothing the milk. You could opt for a medium volume fully automatic Bean to Cup Machine, such as Armonia Soft Plus, which comes with 7-inch touch screen, is easy to operate and clean, can use both fresh milk or instant milk for consistent coffee every time.

An alternative option is the Lavazza WEGA Blue Capsule System, which is perfect for foodservice environments, it can provide the perfect drink with the theatre of a barista machine without the need to be a trained barista. The Lavazza Blue system can produce consistent quality with minimal waste. It also gives you the flexibility to run multiple blends concurrently without the need for multiple grinders. The perfect solution for restaurants and bars to provide fast and efficient service during peak times. Whatever your business, whatever your requirements we are here to help you match the right equipment to suit your business.

Our Success Story | Taza Restaurant

The expectation for coffee was a premium blend that would compete very strongly with the existing establishments in the area and also compliment the premium food that would be on offer.

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