Brand support for your business

Brand support for your business

Our Tailored Approach

Vero Coffee Company takes pride in delivering brand support for you and your business with a focus on the renowned Lavazza brand. As a global symbol of excellence, Lavazza has become synonymous with premium coffee experiences that transcend borders.

Why Lavazza?

The name speaks for itself. Recognised and cherished worldwide, Lavazza is a hallmark of quality and refinement in the coffee industry. At Vero Coffee Company, we understand the significance of aligning your business with a brand that resonates on a global scale.

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing you with exclusive access to a suite of marketing possibilities designed to elevate your brand. Our comprehensive list of marketing POS (Point of Sale) materials is tailored to showcase Lavazza’s excellence and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Exclusivity is the key. You won’t find these opportunities elsewhere. To access this premium range of marketing POS materials, all you need to do is connect with your dedicated account manager or sales representative.

Discover the difference between aligning with a name that stands for quality, innovation, and a global legacy. Elevate your business with Lavazza, and let Vero Coffee Company be your trusted partner in maximizing the impact of this iconic brand. Welcome to a world of exclusive opportunities – where success and sophistication meet through the power of Lavazza.

Lavazza Branded Ceramics

Elevate your Lavazza coffee experience with our curated collection of Lavazza-branded ceramics. Choose from classic blue ribbon designs for espresso, cappuccino, and americano, embodying timeless elegance. Indulge in luxury with our premium collection, adding sophistication to your daily ritual. For a unique touch, explore La Reserva de Tierra designs in espresso, cappuccino, and americano variations. At Vero Coffee Company, we connect Lavazza’s excellence with style, offering the perfect companions for your customer’s cherished coffee moments.

Lavazza Capsule Holder

Discover the epitome of convenience and style with our Lavazza Capsule Holder at Vero Coffee Company. Loved by customers for its practicality and neat presentation, this sleek accessory adds a touch of organization to your coffee corner. Embrace the joy of effortless organization and clutter-free spaces.

Lavazza Loyalty Cards and Stamper

Provide your customers with Lavazza Loyalty Cards and the Lavazza Coffee Bean Stamper. Allow your customers to enjoy exclusive benefits, including enticing rewards for your returning customers because loyalty deserves to be rewarded.

Lavazza Sugar Sticks

These sugar sticks bear the Lavazza brand and are loaded with premium granulated sugar, showcasing the distinctive Lavazza logo. Ideal for complementing Lavazza coffee on any tabletop, each sugar stick comes in user-friendly packaging for effortless opening.

Lavazza Dark Chocolate Neapolitan Squares

Indulge in the irresistible allure of Lavazza Dark Chocolate Neapolitan squares. Crafted from premium dark chocolate, these delectable treats make for the perfect pairing with any Lavazza coffee. Ideal for cafes and restaurants, impress your customers with the delightful taste of this exceptional product.

Lavazza Pavement Signs

Lavazza Coffee is recognized globally as the most quintessential Italian coffee there is. That’s why you need this Lavazza Pavement Sign and Base for your business!


Lavazza Tierra Crowner

This premium quality Lavazza La Reserva de Tierra POS is perfect for placing on top of your espresso machine or on the countertop to let the customer know you serve high-quality and sustainably sourced Lavazza La Reserva de Tierra coffee.

Lavazza Two Sided Signage

Lavazza’s outdoor two-sided signage is perfect for placing outside your coffee shop, restaurant, or diner to let passers-by know you serve really good coffee. It has a built-in plug and so can also be lit up. Available in two sizes.

Large Size – 65cm x 65cm | Product Code – 20005089 | Unit Size – box of 1

Small Size – 45cm x 45cm | Product Code – 20005090 | Unit Size – box of 1

Lavazza One Sided Signage

When you serve the best coffee there is, it’s a good idea to let your customers know about it! Lavazza hanging signage is perfect for indoor use, very easy to assemble. Featuring the new Lavazza logo, made with premium quality materials.

Lavazza Aprons

Made with machine washable, high-quality material. Perfect for the baristas or staff when serving Lavazza Coffee.

Lavazza Compostable Takeaway Cups

Discover our range of Lavazza-branded compostable takeaway coffee cups, offering premium quality in a variety of sizes, complete with matching black lids. These cups are double-walled and stylishly adorned with the Lavazza brand logo and the latest Italian design, these cups provide the perfect finishing touch to your takeaway coffees. 

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