Competitive Rental & Flexible Leasing Options

Finding the right coffee machine which suits your business can be a gruelling task. At Vero Coffee Co, we understand that your business is unique. Investing in a coffee machine may not always be the best option for your cash flow. For this reason, we also offer competitive rental and flexible leasing options through our finance partner. Our experienced sales team is always available to give you the best advice and identify the right solution for your business. 

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Finance Leasing

We offer very competitive and flexible leasing options. Whether you are an operator who is looking to upgrade your equipment or an establishment that needs a full fit out. Lease Purchase offers an easy and affordable option over 12, 24, or 36 months. At the end of the period of fixed monthly payments, you will own the equipment. Add a service plan to your lease and have the peace of mind that it will be maintained to the highest standards to get many years of service from your investment.

Equipment Rental

We offer a range of professional coffee machine rental packages to businesses across different sectors, subject to meeting the criteria we require for rentals. Our rental pricing is affordable, transparent and flexible. We can provide a tailored package designed to suit individual businesses equipment requirements.

Equipment Purchase

Buying a coffee machine can be a daunting prospect, with so many different options and varying opinions in the marketplace, this task can sometimes seem impossible. Our dedicated team of sales professionals are here to help you choose the right equipment to suit your needs. Whether you’re a small, medium or large enterprise our experts will consult, provide you with advice and the knowledge you need to make an informed purchase.


Equipment Leasing Benefits

Whether you are an established operator who is looking to upgrade your equipment or a new start up who needs a full fit-out, Vero is now teamed up with SME Finance and Leasing to offer an easy and affordable option to suit all budgets. Finance leasing can ensure that our customers receive the best deal in the market.

Fixed Term Payment
A finance lease allows a business to get the equipment they need now and pay for it at a fixed rate on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

No Major Impact on Cash flow
No large initial investment required, so you can utilise your cash flow on other essential business running costs.

Option to Purchase
The customer will be given an option to purchase the machine at the end of the agreed leasing term at a reduced price.

Easy Application Process
Getting a leasing application approved is not as hard as many people think. Once the complete application and all relevant paperwork are received, an acceptance could be issued within hours.

Benefits of Equipment Rental

Coffee Machine Rental is an attractive option because a lower initial investment is required. We have a selection of rental packages to choose from, depending on the type of business and your expected daily output. We offer a fully transparent rental pricing structure: there are no minimum consumption requirements or other hidden costs.

No servicing costs
We offer free servicing every 12 months and any issues caused by the malfunction of your machine will be looked after with no additional maintenance charge. (However, breakdown caused by misuse or lack of cleaning will not be covered.)

Flexible Rental Period
Our rental agreement period is usually 24 months, but different rental terms can be agreed on. After the minimum rental period is over, businesses have the option of continuing with the existing rental or upgrading to a newer machine.

Rental Payment
We normally require our customer to pay 3 months’ rental in advance as a deposit payment. We will invoice you every three months thereafter.

Benefits of Equipment Purchase

For many companies, it will probably be best to buy your machine outright. Purchasing a machine can ensure you get the best price possible.

Ownership of the machine
Since you have full ownership of the equipment, you can decide what to do with it, including whether you’d like to trade it at a later date.

It’s a cheaper option
Although buying a new coffee machine requires a significant initial investment, the overall cost will end up being much cheaper than a rental or lease.

It’s easier than leasing
Buying equipment is easy. You decide what you need, then go out and buy it. Taking out a lease, however, involves some paperwork, as leasing companies often ask for detailed, updated financial information.

The full cost of your equipment is deductible
This can be more advantageous than a lease, whereby you can only deduct the monthly payment.