Choosing Lavazza Blue Systems


There is nothing better than the smell of freshly ground coffee for sure. But whole beans system might not be suitable for many businesses for various reasons, such as the number of servings per day, staff turn over, staff training and consistency in cup…

Lavazza Blue professional coffee system offers the perfect solutions for your business, with no compromise in the quality and taste.

To ensure the excellence in the cup, Lavazza has chosen the best green coffees, selected only those beans that met the highest quality standards, created the best blends and checked every stage of the processing.

Lavazza Blue, a system that preserves all the essential freshness, aroma and flavour of the Lavazza world and brings it to your premises.

Here are the top 10 reasons for choosing Lavazza Blue System.

1). PERFECTION Ready in a capsule the perfect combination of Lavazza’s balance: grinding, dosing, blend.

2). FRESHNESS The aroma and freshness are guaranteed by the capsule sealed in a protective atmosphere.

3). CONSTANT QUALITY The result is always excellent regardless of the number of coffees dispensed.

4). SIMPLICITY The capsule system is so easy to use that staff can provide a quality service without the need for special training.

5). SPEED The system is quick, and the double serve capsules make it even quicker

6). ECONOMY No wastage: all the coffee contained in the capsule is used.

7). VARIETY The wide range of espresso blends and complementary products means that all consumer tastes can be satisfied, including those who prefer other beverages to coffee.

8). PROFESSIONALISM The right machine in terms of space and capacity for each Location, but with a common feature: the professional standard.

9). CONVENIENCE The machine is ready to use straight away, just switch it on and the espresso is perfect, with no waiting times.

10). ADAPTABILITY The range of machines permits greater adaptability in a smaller space, because the systems are compact and have no grinder/doser.

The range of Lavazza Blue Coffee Machines we stock are designed and recommended by Lavazza to ensure consistent perfection. There is a coffee machine to suit every situation, regardless of the space available, and whether you are in hotel, restaurant or cafe businesses. View the full range of Lavazza Blue Capsule Machine now. 

Lavazza Blue offers an excellent range of capsules to satisfy everyone’s tastes, discover range today, or contact us at 01-5334911 or email our customer service team for more information.