Caffé Molinari, From Modena with Love

History of Caffè Molinari

From Modena with Love

Caffè Molinari founded in the historical city of Modena, Northern Italy.  Located on the south side of the PO valley, the climate is vastly influenced by Alps in the North and Adriatic sea. The unique climate along with rich soil, made Modena famous for its high quality produce in the culinary world. The region produces arguably the best balsamic vinegar in the world. Caffè Molinari has been producing its very own prized Balsamic Vinegar since 19 century.

Modena is also the home of some of Italy’s most famous automotive brands such as Ferrari and Maserati. One of Ferrari’s cars, the 360 Modena, was named after the town itself.

200+ Years of History

For more than two centuries Caffè Molinari brand has been a recognized icon of excellence that owes its success to the history of the Molinari family, true pioneers of Italian business who have worked with passion, tenacity and resourcefulness from the 1800s to the present.

The tireless quest for excellence, respect for tradition and attention to all technological innovation are the foundation of Caffè Molinari’s success today. The company is known as an industry leader for its quality products, and this is recognized far beyond Italian’s peninsula.


Caffè Molinari brings you the taste of a wonderful Italian story, rich in flavour and satisfaction. Top quality products and excellent service are backed up by the Molinari 200+ years of history and expertise as well as modern technologies. All Molinari products are the result of the perfect combination between tradition and innovation, represented respectively by the selection of the most prestigious blends and the introduction of advanced production and packaging techniques.

The daily commitment of our Research & Development team completes the offer of value of the brand with modern proposals regarding production, packaging and prestigious forms of collaboration with the very best Italian universities and academic institutes.


Every single batch of coffee is only selected following an accurate sensorial analysis carrie out on a sample of products and performed by a panel of tasters who decide whether or not the coffee can becom3 CAFFÃ MOLINARI. From coffee bean selection to barista training, every steps of the way is following strictly to ensure a consistent cup of coffee.

The Selection from the Origin – the best Arabica and Robusta coffee are selected all around the world to become part of the Molinari finest blends.

Tasting – every single lot of coffee is selected only after a deep sensory analysis carried out on a product sample and by a taster panel to decide if that coffee can become Caffè Molinari

Green Coffee Check – after the sample approval, the selected coffee is purchased previous optic control of the supplier.

Roasting – without any doubt the most delicate stage. Blending and roasting are complex alchemy that will create the aromatics and organoleptic characterization of the coffee. The master roasters of Caffè Molinari, thanks to their own senses and experience, can fully enhance the sensory characteristics of the blends and ensure the constancy overtime.

Extraction Test – All the blends, after roasting, are tasted as espresso. A crucial test to guarantee the consistency of qualitative standards and flavour profile for our clients.

Tasting – Training is at the centre of Caffè Molinari, it is connecting the products, barista with the final customers. At Vero Coffee, our qualified barista trainers can deliver practical training courses both on site and in our purposely built training room, on blending, grinding, extraction, and many other key barista skills.  To ensure, you deliver the perfect cup of coffee to your customer consistently.


Caffè Molinari is historically committed to highlighting the quality of products, their identity and typicality characteristics in an innovative, dynamic and efficient way. Caffè Molinari supports ethical consumption and organic coffee growers and protects the natural resources of our planet.

The careful research and selection of raw materials grown and treated with a fully organic way and the wide range we offer, make Caffè Molinari leader and benchmark in the organic coffee market.

The Caffé Molinari Bio Organic Espresso beans are exquisite blends that use only the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans which are both organic and fairtrade certified. The blend is characterized by a pleasant aroma and the right balance between body and acidity.

Vero Coffee is Caffè Molinari’s exclusive distributor in ROI. And we strive to bring you the best coffee experience from the heart of Italy to Ireland. Caffè Molinari offers an artisan coffee roastery quality coffee, tailored for premium commercial and specialty coffee sector.

Discover the world of Caffè Molinari now.


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