A Look Back at 2019 - Our work and achievements in 2019

2019 has been a memorable year for Vero Coffee, and we are extremely grateful for all those who have helped make our success possible: our dear customers, our excellent suppliers and last but not least our fabulous team members, who are talented, driven and dedicated.

In 2019, we have been really focusing on coffee premiumisation and sustainability. We understand the coffee industry landscape is consistently changing and we are keeping up to date on all the latest trends and innovations.


Coffee means a lot more to people than a hot beverage these days.  Consumers demand a more sophisticated taste profile, with convenience, but also with excellent in cup quality each time. In responding to the market evolution, in particular the consumers’ increased coffee knowledge, where we see new millennials prefer more aromatic blends with less bitterness than previous generations, Lavazza has launched their “NEW COLLECTION”.

The rejuvenation project offers consumers “A NEW COFFEE EXPERIENCE”.  The new collection comes with new contemporary and premium design, incorporating product storytelling more appealing to sophisticated baristas and consumers.

It has been a great opportunity to work with Lavazza and some of our customers on the Coffee Premiumisation projects, such as the most recent Dublin Airport T1 and T2 renovations and Alteco branding projects, UCD Smurfit Business School – ¡TIERRA! Rainforest Alliance Sustainable projects and much more…


At Vero, we are committed to playing our part to protect the environment.  We recognise that sustainability plays an important role when choosing which products to supply our customers. During 2019, we introduced our new range of 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable takeaway cups under both Lavazza and Caffe Molinari brands. The compostable cups we supply are made from natural, sustainable, and renewable resources such as Ingeo PLA and Sugar Cane Fibre.

As we continue our journey of using more environmentally friendly single-use cups, our work does not stop here.  Our aim is to supply 100% compostable cups such as those made from Bamboo, and to have all of our takeaway cups completely TREE free by the end of 2020.

Going 100% Compostable

Lavazza has introduced their new range of 100% Compostable Coffee Capsules, which are available to buy online and in-store at all major retail outlets in ROI. The new Eco Caps range available for Lavazza A Modo Mio Capsule Machines also includes a selection which is 100% compatible with Nespresso* Original Capsule Machines. (Nespresso is a registered trademark of Nestlé).

Lavazza has become the largest coffee manufacturer to launch its own range of compostable one-cup pods, and they aim to go 100% compostable with all of their packaging by 2025, which confirms Lavazza’s commitment to excellence and sustainable development. As Lavazza’s official distributor in Ireland, Vero has been working very actively with all major recycling companies and regulators in Ireland to ensure the compostable scheme works smoothly.

Vero Datalink Telemetry System

Vero Datalink is a unique data-driven telemetry system. By cleverly connecting the coffee machine with the web-based portal, the system allows the coffee operator to collect real-time data on the state of their coffee machines, coffee sales versus usage. The coffee machine is no longer just a piece of equipment, it is also a piece of smart software and a powerful tool providing remote management and analytics effectively, helping operators to drive their coffee business to the next level.

Training & Continuous Learning

Our technical and sales team has been on many overseas trips in 2019, meeting with our suppliers face to face, and receiving up to date training on latest equipment and products.

We understand the power of effective direct training with our suppliers.  It helps us to keep up to date with the most advanced technology available, gain access and hands on experience with the engineers and technicians who have developed the machines.  We can also provide practical feedback from our field experience, which can be of real value for continuing development.

Also, one of the really important factors of what sets Vero apart from our competitors is that all of our machine engineers are also barista trained. They understand each blend of coffee we sell and can, therefore, accurately calibrate the grinders and programme the machines to optimise the coffee drinks.

We are a growing company, we believe in continuous development and innovation. We can offer a bespoke service, specialising in creating tailor-made solutions that help coffee professionals offer their customers excellent products and services in every space and context.

What an exciting year we’ve had; we are really looking forward to the new opportunities and challenges ahead in 2020.  Customers can place their confidence in Vero knowing that the level of professionalism we offer is unparalleled in the Irish coffee industry.

Published on Dec 23, 2018