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    Coffee Queen Pour Over

    Easy to use brewer, manual or auto options, comes with 2 hot plates and 2 glass decanters...
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  • Features

    Coffee Queen’s powerful and easy to use pour over coffee brewer range come in both Auto Fill (A2) and Manual Fill (M2), both models are an excellent value automatic coffee machine using filter coffee. Without a doubt, it is a trusty workhorse in any busy canteen, restaurant or office environment.

    Both Coffee Queen Pour Over Coffee Brewers come with 2 hotplates and 2 serving glass decanters, have electronic timers with signal light when the coffee is ready. The brewing volume is easy to adjust at the front of the machine (4-12 cups). Full stainless steel construction as with all Coffee Queen machines in the range complete with full one piece stainless steel boiler.


    App. 12 cups in 6 min = app. 15 litre/h

    Key Features
    • 2 hotplates (85Watts)
    • Fill water at the front of the machine (M-2 model only)
    • Back of the machine without visible screws (great for consumer display)
    • Metal Filter Pan
    • Easily adjustable brewing volume
    • 2 x 1.8L serving decanters are included
    • Water Connection Hose included (cold water 1/2˝ R) (A-2 model only)
    • Stainless steel construction and Stainless stain boiler
    • 25 filter papers are included