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  • expobar-carat-eco-display

    Expobar Carat Eco Display

    Retro inspired design with low power consumption, easy opperation with auto steam wand...
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  • Features

    The Expobar Carat Eco coffee machine is designed for lower power consumption, with up to a 50% reduction on energy requirements when compared to similar sized espresso machines.

    With the simple push-button operation, your baristas will love the ease-of-use offered by this superb machine. Whilst customers will be enamoured with the sleek, retro-inspired design.

    Constant feedback is given during every step of the brewing process via the built-in LCD display, giving information on boiler temperature, brew timings, allowing for quick machine feedback and also stores the number of servings made per day.

    Featuring an innovative design and technology, Expobar has created a class-leading traditional coffee machine, that fuses modern technology and design into the perfect coffee making package. This efficient, compact and powerful coffee machine is the perfect addition to any coffee shop or café who offers both sit-in and take away coffee.

    Key Features
    • Copper insulated boiler with group heat exchangers – 11.5 litre boiler is insulated to retain heat to help save power and running costs
    • Advertising display - the bright LCD screen allows for advertising messages to be displayed easily
    • Brew group with direct pre-infusion chamber – For stellar coffee extractions every single time with compromise
    • Automatic dosing of hot water
    • Maximum precision temperature control using PID technology and custom eco software – Accurate brewing temperatures every single time with truly precise brewing and boiler control systems
    • Daily machine auto switch On/Off – The Expobar Carat powers down to reduce running costs and save you money
    • Built in the volumetric motor pump, equipped with two retention valves
    • Memorization of total brewed coffees - instantly works out how many coffees you have served during a pre-determined time period
    • Energy efficient - a learning procedure tracks how you use the Carat, with the machine adapting to your usage levels and adjusts energy consumption to ensure it is ready whenever you need it, and switches into energy saving mode when idle.
    • Cool touch steam wand
  • Expobar Diamant Pro

    Sleek model with state of the art technology and innovative electronic platform, special features include barista mode...
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  • Features

    Expobar’s new DIAMANT PRO combines state-of-the-art technology, elegant design and the finest espresso tradition. It can produce an unmatched espresso experience, superior in-cup quality as it meets the highest barista standards. DIAMANT PRO can exceed the requirements of the very demanding coffee drinking market.

    One of the main features for new Diamant Pro is the Innovative electronic platform which efficiently controls all functions through an easy-to-use group touchpad and innovative 3.5’’ TFT display. The newly improved Hydraulic System and new improved PID technology can ensure a constant extraction temperature; It has also built in SmartTea function, to allow the hot water tap to be adjusted to a specific temperature.

    Another exciting development is the SmartSteam Technology which allows the automatic steamer come with an intergrated temperature probe, and the improved wand coating makes cleaning wand a lot easier.

    The New Diamant is also designed to keep the challenging barista needs in mind. The machine has incorporated specific functions and features such as: Barista mode, Easy-flushing functionality, pulse & flush steam levers and Barista lights.

    Key Features
    • Main display - 3.5’’ TFT touch screen with a smart and friendly UI, which controls and informs you about group over-use, the group cleaning, and extra functions of the SmartSteam, among others.
    • Three levels of user settings - user/barista, technical and factory. In the Barista menu, you will be able to easily adjust the dosage, the  E-Cup or the Pre-infusion parameters, turn the ECO mode on, etc.
    • SmartTea - the hot water tap which can be adjusted to a specific temperature, thus avoiding splashes of boiling water for a superior in cup quality tea.
    • New Diamant PID technology - an improved insulation and pipe work, which regulates a constant extraction temperature to perform a supreme in-cup coffee quality.
    • Easily change the nozzle between the Turbo (faster) and the Barista one (slightly slower, but performing a premium quality foam).
    • Barista mode - groups can be operated on this mode, where recipes can be pre-selected easily by using the top group touchpad. To start the shot, the barista only needs to push the big activation button.
    • Easy-flushing functionality, the preselected button will allow the barista to perform a two seconds flush.
    • Ergonomic pulse & flush steam levers - featuring an innovative anti-suction valve
    • Barista lights
    • Aluminium group covers
    • Improved cup holders and branded manometer
    Optional Features
    • SmartSteam Technology - The New Diamant also come with an automatic steamer solution with an integrated temperature probe together with a reinforced wand coating, this decreases the external temperature by more than 20º C. The polymer-based material brings a superior anti-adherence, helping the wand cleaning.
    • E-CUP - you will be able to keep your cups warm to the temperature you desire using the top cup heater which can be regulated easily through the Main TFT display.
    • Black Coated Steamwand
    • Wifi Module
  • expobar-rosetta-display-control

    Expobar Rosetta Display Control

    Standout machine combining the latest technology with tradition, PID system for precise temprature control...
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  • Features

    Serve your guests the perfect espresso every single time with this superb Expobar Rosetta Display Control 2 Group espresso machine. It has an eye-catching yet sleek all-black design and striking stainless steel features that make this a standout coffee machine.

    Crafted to precision, the design is matched by premium features, such as electronic switchboard and built-in heat exchanger.

    Dual high-quality insulated steam arms provide the perfect framework for perfectly steamed milk, and therefore the backbone of exquisite speciality coffee. It is a barista dream machine. A really reliable machine for both sit-in and takeaway coffee business due to its high capacity.

    Key Features
    • Built-in volumetric motor pump, equipped with two retention valves and solid particles filter
    • Copper boiler with heat exchanger per group and pressure relief valve
    • Boiler drain tap
    • Group head with a direct pre-infusion chamber
    • Two steam arms and one hot water
    • Cool touch steam wand